Twin Pines Mall reenactment

James / November 9th, 2010

As part of the 25th anniversary Back to the Future celebration, they reenacted the parking lot chase at the Puente Hills mall where the famous scene was originally filmed. On top of that, they screened the move outside too! I wasn’t there. I’m just observing from a distance. For those who made it there, I bet it was a great time! Have fun at the (ongoing) event and let me know what other cool stuff happens.

Here’s a blog about the event with pics of the DeLorean on display.

Here’s a pic of the reenactment.

Here’s a video of the reenactment, though night photography in that parking lot isn’t easy.

Also, here’s my own blog from a couple years ago where I visited the parking lot and attempted to match up shots from the movie.

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