Comments on: If Halloween H2020 Existed Sat, 04 Aug 2018 13:52:50 +0000 hourly 1 By: Xen11 Sat, 04 Aug 2018 13:52:50 +0000 I want to start off by saying that the theatrical cut of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II did have Laurie as the killer or at least it was all in her head (to some extent). Michael died in the film before and Laurie is dreaming/imagining that he’s still out there while she sees herself in him, unconsciously aware that there’s a connection between them after she’s studied up on him through Loomis’s original book. When Loomis releases his follow up book, revealing that Laurie is actually Michael’s sister, she loses it and ‘Michael’ arrives. Mya and Harley, her two friends, are actually symbolically the dual halves of ‘Laurie Strode’, the innocent and naughty side of Laurie. They may not even exist. When they die off, that’s the death of Laurie Strode and she goes into that damaged barn like a cocoon, emerging as Angel Myers. Everything mirrors what happened on that night a year before, like she’s reliving that night in her mind in a new way (therapy) including a bloody Annie on the ground, and her properly grieving, letting her go. So you could see the film as half-happening, with Laurie either imagining people dying or actually killing them, OR, you could see it as one big therapy session in Laurie’s psyche as she comes to grips with the hurtful reality of who she is.

By: rabidchild Thu, 02 Aug 2018 18:16:04 +0000 My Idea – Jamie Lee’s character finds out she has cancer, which bums out Michael Myers, who gets a voodoo priestess to shrink him down, so he can go inside her and fight her cancer cells. Also while he’s in there he can control her and she starts killing people in the hospital. Title Halloween – H2No

By: Xen11 Wed, 01 Aug 2018 05:36:28 +0000 I came up with a Halloween 9 before this new one with Jamie Lee Curtis was announced. To my surprise, I actually titled it: HALLOWEEN: REVELATIONS.
I’m looking at the summary/write-up in my notes and I’m going to copy and paste it here.
Keep in mind that I see Halloween 1-8 as one continuity, which I explained in the previous video talking about the Halloween Timelines.

A detailed opening followed by a brief summary of the film:

Here’s the begining of Halloween 9 (that acknowledges 1-8) starring Danielle Harris:



Woodsboro, Maryland
October 29th

21 year old Mallory Evans (played by Danielle Harris, yes, she can pass for 21) is living with a loving and slightly overprotective mother/father duo. She goes to college as an arts major. She’s a nerdy bookworm (virgin/shy/loner-type similar to Laurie Strode). She’s tasked by her parents to accompany her rambunctious sister, 17 year old Rebecca Evans, to a Halloween dance. Neither of the two want to go together. Mallory wants to be alone (as always). Rebecca is annoyed that her overprotective parents are using Mallory as a proxy to control her. Both sisters can relate to that at least. They don’t hate each other, they are just complete opposites. So there’s also an inkling of yearning to be a bit more like the other. Rebecca wishes she could be as smart as Mallory and Mallory wishes she could be more out-going.


Rebecca is dressed as a sexy Little Bo Peep. Mallory decides to wear a jester-like black and red (kinda hot) Harley Quinn costume. Even though she’s just a chaperone, she does like to dress up, especially on Halloween. 

While driving Rebecca to the dance, Mallory notices a van with tinted windows seemingly following them from afar.

Later, while at the dance, Mallory goes outside alone, while Rebecca is partying, and sees the van parked nearby. She then hears commotion inside, everyone making a surprised noise. The lights went out. Most have their cellphone out with lights on (the place is brighter than if the already dimly lit electric lights were on). Everyone seems to be having just as much fun this way. Mallory is looking for Rebecca, but can’t find her. She goes to the bathroom… she’s not there. She goes outside again. Nowhere. Back to the car. She’s missing. Mallory keeps calling her cell but there’s no answer. Panic sets in as Mal runs back to the building. There’s a security cop car right near it, maybe the guard is nearby. Screams from the crowd inside as the guard appears from out of a corner and rushes inside. Mallory follows. But before she can make it through the door, everyone starts pouring out of the building. Mallory runs inside as soon as she is able to. She looks around and there is a freshly dead girl hanging from the ceiling (by her neck) in the center of the ballroom only lighted by a few dropped cellphones shining their lights. She’s dressed as an angel. Thin steady streams of blood touch the dance-floor, the girl connected to the sky by rope and to the earth by strings of blood.

It’s not Rebecca. 

Mallory, hands covering her mouth, starts to freak out. No one but her and the security guard left in sight with the body. He’s calling for backup. 

A scream from the bathroom. A girl. Rebecca’s voice. 
Security guard rushes to her. Mallory follows. The guard opens the girl’s bathroom door and there’s Mallory, pressed up against the back corner in utter horror. She screams at the guard, “Look out!!” A masked figure appears and cuts the guards throat in a swift slice-by. Mallory witness to it all. The guard turns around clutching his throat as he drops his gun purposefully towards Mallory. She can only stand there in shock as the guard collapses. Rebecca screams at Mallory, “RUN, MALLORY!!” The masked figure appears in the doorway and its Michael fucking Myers. Dripping bloody knife in wet bloody hand. Mallory stares for a moment and then gazes towards the gun on floor. She grabs it and runs as Michael lunges for her. The chase is on and Michael is pacing seemingly as fast as she runs.

It’s dark as fuck, but there’s a door with a small square window that shows the savior of moonlight at the end of this hallway. She runs right to it and it opens as she darts outside. There are a few teens standing out there. They see Harley Quinn with a gun and scream running. Mallory turns around and points the gun at the door, anticipating his arrival. But Michael doesn’t show. The door shuts. She’s alone. But Rebecca… she’s still in there. Mallory quivers as she wants to run, but can’t leave Rebecca alone. She slowly goes back to the door with gun pointed. She looks at the gun, wondering if it’ll work or if she’ll use it correctly when the time comes. Right before she goes to open the door, she hesitates and decides it would be best to go around and find another way in as he’s probably waiting right there.



It’s not him. A bearded man. His right hand to his ear. His left hand lunging for the gun. He grabs it as she shoots it again. He yanks it out her hand and grabs her body, by the waist. He carries her over his shoulder.

She screams. He throws her down. Gets on top of her, hand over her mouth. “I’m here to help you. Please. Please, trust me and be quiet. He’s in there and he’s going to kill us if we don’t leave right now.” Suddenly, a figure behind him. HE’S RIGHT THERE. She screams into the bearded guy’s hand. He thinks she’s not complying. “That’s Michael Myers. I’ve dealt with him before…” She screams again, eyes widening. He notices she’s looking behind him. He turns around as Michael raises his knife, about to come down. Shots fired. Michael is hit. Again. And again. Bearded-man looks ahead. It’s another guy. Younger. Mallory’s age. Kinda handsome. She notices.

The man gets off of Mallory. She starts crying. “Who is that?” Both guys pick her up and tell her they have to leave now. “No, my sister is in there.” MICHAEL SITS UP. They all run. The van pulls up. Man opens the door and the other guy jumps in. Mallory is hesitant and darts away from them towards the front entrance so she can get Rebecca. Man runs after her and grabs her as some teens stare nearby with cell-phones recording. “MY SISTER IS IN THERE!!” Man looks back to where Michael is. He’s gone. He must have went back inside. Man tells Mallory to get in the van and he’ll go back in and get her sister. “Please, just do what I say!!” She stands there as he runs to the front entrance, but cop cars come rushing into the parking lot. Man stops in his tracks. A girl runs out of the building. “REBECCA!!”, Mallory screams. Man runs back to the van and pushes Mallory inside. “MAL !!” Rebecca screams. It looks like a kidnapping. The cops notice and a pursuit is initiated.

Some cops run to Rebecca. She is seemingly safe. The other cops (two cars) chase the van.

Mallory pleas with them, “What do you want with me? What was that maniac back there? That couldn’t have been Michael Myers!!” Man nonchalantly shrugs her off, focused on the situation at hand, “Just give us a moment and we’ll explain everything.” A woman is driving the van. The other guy looks at Mallory with seeming idolization and wants to talk to her, but doesn’t.

The chase doesn’t last that long. The van’s tires are shot out. The van comes to a stop. Cops surround it and draw their guns. Hands are seen popping out of the van in surrender. They are taken, handcuffed, frisked, and put in the squad cars. Except Mallory. She’s seated shotgun in one cop car, while the two men and a woman are shoved into the back of the other. Cop leans over to Mallory’s half-rolled down window and tells her, “We’ll get you home, honey.” The other cops are checking out the van. Some guns are discovered. Knives and various weapons as well. Documents. Maps. Candy and protein bars. Water.


Mallory is questioned at the police station with her captors/saviors locked up. Her parents and Rebecca meet her there. They take Mal home. They want to have a talk with her.

They sit Mallory down and drop the heaviest and most devastating truths they have been keeping from her.

Mallory is not their biological daughter. They adopted her. They stole her, actually. They saved her.
Rebecca is not her biological sister. Though, Rebecca is their biological daughter.

It changes nothing between them. They still love her as if she was their biological daughter. It makes no difference.

Michael Myers isn’t just a myth or some killer they made a movie about long ago (starring Jamie Lee Curtis and directed by John Carpenter). The movie was based on a true story but it didn’t end there.

Laurie Strode was the sister of this Michael Myers. He continued to hunt her down that night in the hospital, where Dr. Loomis rescued Laurie and Michael was severely burned in an explosion. Laurie later died in a car accident in 1987, leaving her daughter, Jamie, an orphan. Dr. Wynn secretly took care of and looked after Michael, who was in a coma, for 10 years. Halloween of 1988, Michael then awoke and escaped, going after Jamie. He killed many, many people. Jamie was influenced by Michael and went crazy. One year later, Jamie and Michael were taken by Dr. Wynn. Jamie was held captive and experimented on. They had Michael impregnate his own niece. She gave birth to a son.

The two parents lived in Haddonfield, Illinois. They worked for Dr. Terence Wynn. They did experiments. They were told it was for the greater good. To help others. But they uncovered something awful. A cult, that they were unknowingly a part of. A girl was held captive. Jamie Lloyd. She was experimented on. Jamie Lloyd was essentially Mallory’s mother. Jamie didn’t give birth to her though. Mallory was a test tube baby. Maybe even a clone of some sort. The details are unknown. The surrogate mother unknown. But the surrogate mother was part of the cult: able and willing. The same night Jamie escaped with the baby she had given birth to, was the night they saved Mallory who was born just a few days before. What Dr. Wynn had planned for Mallory was a mystery, but it couldn’t have been good. Nobody would believe them about a powerful, unkillable boogeyman and even so, he couldn’t be stopped.
They ran away with Mallory to hide and start a new life.
Tonight, their past has caught up to them and they are scared for all of their lives.

Mallory, devastated, lies down on the couch as her mother sits nearby, silently consoling her. Her mother ends up holding her as the TV plays. Rebecca sits nearby with tears in her eyes, very shocked by everything.

Breaking national news: Tommy Doyle (the bearded man) has been taken into custody. He was accompanied by Kara and Steven Strode. He was a suspect in the ’95 murders before his disappearance and its unknown if he was connected to Terrence Wynn’s cult. The news mentions how this cult used the image of serial killer, Michael Myers, to terrorize and murder people for many years. Tonight, a girl and a security guard have been murdered and Tommy, Kara, and Steven are prime suspects in the events that transpired tonight.

Electricity goes out. “He’s here”. The girls freak out. The father brings out the guns. One for everyone. “If you see what you saw at the dance… if you see him… shoot him and run”.

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By: calmLIKEaBOB-OMB Sat, 28 Jul 2018 20:14:45 +0000 Wolfman’s gots nards! I loved Monster Squad as a kid. Doesn’t really hold up nowadays, but there’s plenty of nostalgia.

By: Mac Tonight Sat, 28 Jul 2018 15:12:39 +0000 Great video guys. Halloween H20 is one of my favorite movies in the franchise, personally I think it holds up really well even today. I think they missed an opportunity by continuing the franchise with Laurie’s son but Resurrection was like the Freddy’s Dead of Halloween movies where it became overly campy and buried any chance of a sequel. This new sequel looks like a greatest hits of Michael Myers from the trailer, where they borrow elements from previous movies. I personally cant wait to see it, i’m really hoping it’ll be good.

By: Jimmy Reed Sat, 28 Jul 2018 03:01:48 +0000 I love videos like these. I think both ideas are awesome! But I’ll probably go with James’ idea lol.