2018 – Personal projects

James / December 29th, 2017

Been a while since I wrote something here. Just wanted to say I hope you enjoyed all the steady content in 2017. Frequent AVGN Episodes, J&M Mondays, Mimal the Elf, finally sharing my love of music in Playlist Junkie, and weekly movie reviews, some of them massive undertakings (Oz books, Power Rangers, Kongathon, Mandella effect, Top 50 Favorite Films, Son of Monster Madness, etc). 2017 was a very busy year, on top of having a second child born!


In 2018, I plan to spend my time differently, directing more attention on personal projects that are much more time-consuming than the average web videos. Work that goes on behind-the-scenes that may take a long time before you see the final results, possibly years. I still plan to keep content coming as steady as possible. AVGN is still the priority. I also have been trying to make more You Know What’s Bullshit episodes, but years keep passing, and there’s never any free time. I am working to find an opening in the production schedule, to make them happen.


With the personal projects, I am trying to write an atmospheric horror film, the next true Cinemassacre project, going back to my roots. Nothing is set in stone. That’s why I’m in the writing process, to figure it all out, putting my thoughts together, and filtering through my various ideas. If you’ve seen The Jersey Odysseys: Legend of the Blue Hole (2004), Cinemaphobia (2001), The Dragon in my Dreams (2010), the final season of Board James (2015) and AVGN Episode 150: Polybius (2017), you already know my style, and which kind of directions I may possibly take it. I may make a feature length film, a short film, or both. Right now, it’s an open road. I am also trying to write a book on my life story, growing up making movies. There’s lots of personal experiences I’d like to share, and hope to inspire others.


Just letting you know, I’ll be focusing more time working on this long-term creative stuff. I can’t wait for the day to come when you can all see it.


Have a happy new Year!


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