AVGN: Planet of the Apes (PlayStation) Episode 146

James / July 4th, 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd: Planet of the Apes (PlayStation) Episode 146


Get AVGN Blu-ray X3 here:


2 discs. Region Free.

Includes episodes 115-140.

Bonus content includes:

-Jekyll and Hyde Movie Trailer, plus Outtakes and Making Of.

-“You Know What’s Bullshit” episodes (all up until Dangerous Funeral Processions)

-“Nerdy Challenges” 34 minute AVGN documentary produced in early 2016. Shows great behind-the-scenes footage of Mega Man episode.

-Outtakes 2014

-Outtakes 2014-2016

-James’ Console setup 2016

-AVGN scripts (Behind the scenes talk with James and Mike)

-SGC and TooManyGames 2014 panels.

-Made for charity episodes: Adventure Island, Danny Sullivan.

-Game Gear, Ghostbusters Leftovers, Vol 8 Commentary.

Most of the content was previously released on the DVD versions, #8 and #9.

See this chart that helps explain the “seasons.”


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