Metallica Vs Megadeth – Playlist Junkie

Mike Matei / May 23rd, 2017

Create a virtual battle of the bands, between the masters of thrash metal. In this new series “Playlist Junkie” I’ll be sharing lists of recommended hard rock and metal songs. If you own the same songs in your digital library, you can recreate the lists, and listen along with me.

You can listen to the tracks discussed in this video with these affiliate links

The Four Horsemen – Metallica

Mechanix – Megadeth

Fight Fire with Fire – Metallica

Last Rites – Megadeth

Master of Puppets – Metallica

Peace Sells – Megadeth

To Live Is To Die – Metallica

In My Darkest Hour – Megadeth

Dyers Eve – Metallica

Holy Wars – Megadeth

Enter Sandman – Metallica

Go to Hell  – Megadeth

The Unforgiven – Metallica

Countdown to Extinction – Megadeth

Hero of the Day – Metallica

A Tout Le Monde – Megadeth

The Memory Remains – Metallica

Trust – Megadeth

Some Kind of Monster – Metallica

Disconnect – Megadeth

All Nightmare Long  – Metallica

Head Crusher – Megadeth

Hate Train  – Metallica

Public Enemy No.1 – Megadeth

Hardwired  – Metallica

Dystopia  – Megadeth

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