AVGN X2 / Board James Blu-rays on Amazon!

James / March 13th, 2017

Two new Blu-rays are now for sale on Amazon.com. There’s no region coding. They should play, and ship to anywhere in the world.


Angry Video Game Nerd (Volume X2)
Two DUAL LAYER discs containing episodes 101-114, plus bonus content. This is when the series switched to HD. Stay tuned for Volume X3 this year. See full list of what episodes are on which blu-rays/ DVDs here.


Board James (Complete Series)
For years, Board James has been out of stock. But now it’s finally back, and this time, it’s up-to-date with every episode! Also, there’s lots of commentaries, Outtakes and Making Of extras. ONE DISC. (THE PAGE ON AMAZON IS WRONG. ALL THE CONTENT IS ON ONE DISC.)

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