Dragon’s Lair (NES) Full Playthrough

Mike Matei / January 31st, 2017

Full playthrough of Dragon’s Lair for NES by Mike Matei.
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I had to practice Dragon’s Lair for several days before I was able to make it through all the levels. This is my best run of the game so far. I beat the game twice before this. I still feel pretty unpracticed on the last stage as I played that the least. There is a hilarious part in this playthrough on the mine (level 3) where I ran out of candle but made it over the floating bridge anyway. Total luck. I should have been dead.
BTW I am totally joking about the Dragon’s name here. I know his name is Singe. I still like to call him Smaug anyway.
Also, before I fought Singe here, I said I didn’t want to fight him with the axe. That was a flub, I meant to say I didn’t want to fight him with the daggers.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that there is an “F” icon that stands for fire. I have never gotten this weapon before and I’m curious how much easier the game might be if I was able to get it. Perhaps someday if I try this game again, I would try getting that.

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