Plan 9 Remake on DVD

James / December 28th, 2016

PLAN 9 (which I play a small role in as a police officer) releases on physical media! It will be available in Walmart stores (Jan 5), but is already on Amazon.

The Disc is loaded with extra features including…

• Commentary Track – Director and cast discuss the film.

• Criswell Predicts. 5 Episodes of a web series that leads up to the first scene of the film.

• Plan 9: Super 8 – DP shots behind the scenes on a Super 8 camera

• Film Competition – Two shorts hosted by the real John Johnson.

• Teaser Trailer – shot two years before the film was made.

• Bloopers & Outtakes

• Mini Doc – short interviews with the cast from the film.

Also I hear there’s an extra in there somewhere of me talking about… what else? Fecal matter.

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