AVGN Auction for Charity

James / April 13th, 2016

I am auctioning AVGN/ Cinemassacre memorabilia, including original artwork, costumes, props, and scripts. All proceeds go to Shriners Hospitals for Children, a network of hospitals across the United States that care for children with injuries, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

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It all ends on May 6, 2016 with a live auction at Sellersville, in Quakertown PA. I will be there! Sellersville is one of the largest auction houses in the country to deal with vintage toys and video games.

Here is the full list of items.




01. AVGN: Nintendo Power Episode Title card (2007)
A painting, bringing back nostalgic memories of Nintendo Power, autographed by Mike and I.



02. AVGN: Jekyll & Hyde Title Card (2010)
Original artwork from the Jekyll and Hyde Revisited episode (2010). Autographed by Mike and I.





03. AVGN wardrobe
This is it. The Nerd’s costume from AVGN Movie. Includes glasses, hat, headset mic, watch, pocket protectors, belt, pants, shoes. The shirt is 1 of 3 used. The pants, also 1 of 3 used. The glasses are 1 of 2 used. Included is only set of clothes (one of each accessory). A total of 3 pocket protectors were used. Included are all 3. Shirt size is 15 1/2. The shirt has two holes in back used for wires which pulled me into the air, when the Alien rescues me. The holes were stitched, and barely visible. The glasses are actual prescription glasses. You won’t be able to see clearly through them, unless your eyes are the same as mine.

03_AVGN_Wardrobe 03_AVGN_Wardrobe-SCREENSHOT


04. Bugs Bunny costume
Used in AVGN: Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout episode, worn by Mike Matei. This was also used in the Crazy Castle episode, but that time, it was used as the stunt version, on the dummy only, while Mike was wearing a new costume. This here, is the original costume from Birthday Blowout, plus some other accessories. Autographed by Mike Matei. The costume is in bad shape, as a result of being beaten up, and shit on. The evidence is in the episode. Yes, the face is discolored from shit. There’s shit on it.

04_Bugs_Costume 04_Bugs_Costume-SCREENSHOT


05. Jason Voorhees jacket
Just an old torn up jacket, but worn by Mike Matei in his very first appearance in an AVGN Episode, Friday the 13th (2006).

05_Jason_Jacket 05_Jason_Jacket-SCREENSHOT


06. Freddy Krueger sweater and hat
Worn by myself and Mike Matei in the AVGN: Nightmare on Elm Street episode (2006). Sweater is size Large. The hat is very small. It barely fit on my head. Probably meant for kids.



07. Leather face costume
Mask and apron worn by Mike Matei in AVGN: Texas Chainsaw Massacre episode (2007). Autographed by Mike Matei.

 07_Leatherface 07_Leatherface-SCREENSHOT


08. Michael Myers costume
Boiler suit and Mask worn by Mike Matei in AVGN: Halloween episode (2007). Autographed on neck by Mike Matei.

08_Myers 08_Myers-SCREENSHOT


09. Cooper wardrobe
From AVGN Movie, clothing worn by Jeremy Suarez, as the Nerd’s cinematic companion. One is a full set from his final outfit from the film used in most of the key scenes. The rest are various shirts he wore, including pajamas and the zombie clothing from the nightmare scene.

09_Cooper-2 09_Cooper-1 09_Cooper-SCREENSHOT


10. Mandi wardrobe
From AVGN Movie, a pair of shoes and two identical shirts worn by Sarah Glendening, used in her key action scenes in the film. The Nerd fails to rescue her, so she saves herself and kicks ass! Shirt size Small. Shoe size 36.

10_Mandi 10_Mandi-SCREENSHOT


11. Zander wardrobe
From AVGN Movie, the eccentric Dr. Zandor who is behind what really happened with the E.T. game. He is a pivotal character from the film and archetype of the classic mentor (Merlin, Obi-Wan, etc.) Here is the actual sweater and mask worn by Time Winters. The welding mask is from the younger version in the flashback scenes. Sweater size Large.

11_Zandor 11_Zandor-SCREENSHOT


12. Dark Onward’s shirts
6 shirts worn by Stephen Mendel as the self-destructive head-of-Area 51, in AVGN Movie. Each shirt shows varying stages of body damage. Some are missing arms, and are still bloody. Never washed! XLR/LNG, 17-17 1/2, 34/35

12_General_Dark_Onward 12_General_Dark_Onward-SCREENSHOT

13. Elvis costume
Featured in AVGN Movie. Also worn by Mike Matei in Board James: OUIJA/ Domino Rally. Has mysterious coffee stains on legs. Maybe they’re shit stains.

13_Elvis 13_Elvis-SCREENSHOT


14. Nerd’s Alien Costume
From the AVGN Movie, when the Nerd disguises himself as an Alien. Included are two sets of neck rings, and 3 masks, one which was slit open for the “autopsy” scene.

14_Alien_Costume 14_Alien_Costume-SCREENSHOT




15. Atari Boxes
Seen in AVGN Movie, as Atari gets rid of their overstock of E.T. games, depicting the famous video game crash of 1983. I painted the logo on them myself, using a stencil that I made (also included).

15_Atari_Boxes 15_Atari_Boxes-SCREENSHOT


16. UFO
The main hero spaceship from AVGN Movie, used in the climax. This is a cool little model, made for the film.

16_UFO-Model 16_UFO-Model-SCREENSHOT


17. Fake video games
A bunch of made-up games for the AVGN Movie such as “EeeTee”, because we weren’t allowed to use real games. Includes “War Duty 3000”, “3D Virtual Space Road Explorer”, two versions of “EeeTee”, some with clean cartridges and boxes, others dirty and beaten, used in the landfill dumping sequence. Also “EeeTee 2” labels printed on blank discs. These were used for the crowd scenes, when everyone throws their copies into the pit, as history repeats itself. The cartridges are actual Atari 2600 games. Some of them may actually work. I’m not even sure which games they are. You can peel off the fake labels, or try them out and see. It’s like a box of chocolates. Full of surprises.

17_Fake-Games-1 17_Fake-Games-2 17_Fake-Games-3


18. The Nerd Mobile miniature remains
Two miniature Nerd vans (What’s left of them), used for special effects shots in AVGN Movie. One has no wheels or under-side, and is falling apart. The other was blown up in a pyrotechnics shot. One side is melted beyond recognition while the other side still resembles a van. Good for prosperity only.

18_Nerd_Van-2 18_Nerd_Van-1


19. Planes, Missiles, and other miniatures
A series of planes, tank, and missile miniatures used in AVGN Movie. One of them is the remains of the plane that the Nerd flies, and tries to land before bailing out. It explodes in a fun pyrotechnic effect, and is now barely recognizable. Not it’s a new work of art in itself.

19_Planes_Missiles_Miniatures-1 19_Planes_Missiles_Miniatures-SCREENSHOT-2


20. Tank miniature
Dark Onward’s tank miniature from AVGN Movie. This model was used in a climactic sequence of shots, where the tank fires at the Alien Spaceship and falls into the Atari landfill, crashing to its doom. The tires broke off in the fall, and pyrotechnics burned it, but it still remains somewhat intact. You may be able to glue them back on, and repaint the tank.

20_Tank_Model-SCREENSHOT 20_Tank_Model


21. Foil Ball (foil exterior only)
From AVGN Movie, one of our favorite props that made everyone laugh on set. A giant foil ball that took us back to our childhoods, remembering Pee Wee’s Playhouse. The ball is actually nothing more than a bunch of shiny material, that was stretched over a giant beach ball. The beach ball is lost. In oder to recreate the foil ball, you would need to get another giant beach ball. But you can know for certain the “foil” part was actually used in the movie. Good for prosperity.

21_Foil_Ball-SCREENSHOT 21_Foil_Ball


22. Prairie Dog tunnel
From AVGN Movie, as a tribute to the hilarious gofer from Caddyshack. Used when describing the dangers of trying to get near Area 51 “even a burrowing prairie dog would get smoked out by nerve gas.” Included is the home-made tunnel, and “prairie dog” from this brief, but memorable shot.

22_Tunnel-Prairie_Dog-SCREENSHOT 22_Tunnel-Prairie_Dog


23. Area 51 “E.T. Room” buildings
Miniatures used in AVGN Movie, for a scene which imitates the infamous E.T. game. A major plot point, involving a conspiracy theory on what the E.T. game was really based on, and the real reason why it was buried.

23_ET_Buildings-SCREENSHOT 23_ET_Buildings


24. Beer Droid
From AVGN: Star Wars episode, the nerd uses a droid to get his beer. In reality, some kind of vintage vacuum cleaner that belonged to my parents since the late 70’s or early 80’s. I saved it from the garbage many times, because I always thought it looked like it belonged in a sci-fi movie. Finally, I got to use it. Mission accomplished.

24_Beer_Droid-SCREENSHOT 24_Beer_Droid


25. Bloody carpet
From Mike’s death scene in Board James: Dreamphone episode.

25_Bloody_Carpet-SCREENSHOT 25_Bloody_Carpet


26. AVGN window blinds
The Nerd’s very own blinds, used in the basement window for many years, seen throughout countless episodes. Last appearance was in the AVGN Movie. I cut a hole in them to simulate a video game cartridge crashing through the window. Since then, I’ve been using newer blinds. The old one being auctioned here was old and discolored to begin with.

26_Window_Blinds-SCREENSHOT 26_Window_Blinds


27. Reebok Air Pump Shoes
Used in AVGN: Dracula episode (2008). Size USA 9, UK 8, EUR 42, CM 27.

27_Pump_Shoes-SCREENSHOT 27_Pump_Shoes


28. “Eat My Shorts”
Yo… it’s underwear. From the AVGN: Simpsons episode (2007). These shorts were cut, so that I could pull them off using my teeth.

28_Eat-My-Shorts-SCREENSHOT 28_Eat-My-Shorts


29. EeeTee 2 signs
From AVGN Movie. The Nerd steps into the game store and sees his worst nightmare has come true. The sequel to the “worst game of all time.” These promo pieces are a little beaten up. The one that got used in the scene was printed on foam board. It is faded.



30. Nerd Face #1
From AVGN Movie. The nerd goes to sleep and dreams that his endorsement of the new “EeeTee 2” game leads to a mass celebration and carnival at the site of the original Atari landfill. His face is literally used to promote the game! All of these faces are a little worn, but are still very funny. I gave one to a crew member on set, because he was laughing so hard. This auction is for 1 Nerd face. There are 4 available (4 separate auctions).

30-33_Nerd_Face-SCREENSHOT 30-33_Nerd_Face

31. Nerd Face #2

32. Nerd Face #3

33. Nerd Face #4





34. AVGN: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St. – Scripts (2006)
The first AVGN Halloween special, from the “Nintendo Nerd” days 2006. First appearance of Mike Matei. First time Nerd battled game villains. Contains few original marks/notes.



35. AVGN: Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout – Scripts/ Storyboards (2007)
Original hand drawn storyboards on index cards, plus script.



36. AVGN: Christmas Carol – Script (2007)
This contains hand-drawn storyboard checklists on pages, color coded for camera angles. Printed on oversized legal paper for reasons I can’t recall. One of my favorite AVGN Christmas specials.



37. AVGN: Super Mario Bros 3 – Script (2008)
A pivotal episode from the Nerd’s career. Script, plus hand drawn storyboards on small notepad with color coded shots, categorized by camera angles. Red circles mark shots that have sound, where microphone must be connected.



38. AVGN: Dracula/ Frankenstein – Scripts (2008)
Double horror feature from 2008. Contains original marks, highlights, circles, and storyboards drawn on pages.



39. AVGN notebook (2009)
Contains hand-written notes from playing games. This is typically done during the pre-script phase where I play the games and write down my observations. Has timecodes written, while recording the gameplay, so that I can find specific gameplay moments when editing the video. Includes CDI/ Zelda, Jaguar, Crazy Castle, Metal Gear, X-Men, Terminator, Transformers.



40. AVGN: Crazy Castle – Script, Schedule, Storyboards (2009)
Original hand drawn storyboards on index cards, a hand written prop list, shooting schedule, and script.



41. AVGN: R.O.B. – Script (2011)
From the Nerd’s pivotal 100th episode! Script contains several original marks/ hand-drawn storyboards on pages, color-coded by camera setup.



42. AVGN: Nintendo World Championships episode – Script and Storyboards (2011)
A special episode that featured the most rare NES game. Original hand drawn storyboards on index cards, plus script, autographed by Pat the NES Punk.



43. AVGN: 12 Days of Shitsmas Script (2014)
One of the Nerd’s longest Christmas marathons. Script contains some marks/notes. Colored highlights were done in the word processor, to indicate where graphics and misc. game clips were needed.



44. AVGN Scripts 2006
Full-length theme song lyrics, sang from this actual print-out by Kyle Justin. Also scripts for Back to the Future, Chronologically Confused, Rocky, Bible Games, Powerglove segments, Top Gun, Munky Go Boom (bonus)



45. AVGN Scripts 2007
Ghostbusters, Silver Surfer, Sega CD, Independence Day, Simpsons, Custer’s Revenge, Nintendo Power, Addams family section, Texas Chainsaw, Halloween, other notes, Atari 5200 storyboards



46. AVGN Scripts 2008
Battletoads, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Rambo, Wizard of Oz, DoubleVision, NES Accessories, CDI, Bible Games 2. Many include original marks, highlights, and storyboards drawn on pages.



47. AVGN Scripts 2009
Moonwalker, Milion’s Secret Castle, Winter Games, Little Red Hood, Wayne’s World, Godzilla, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, Mario’s Missing, Terminator, X-men, Dick Tracy, Odyssey, Jaguar, Castlevania 4 part Halloween special. Some contain hand drawn storyboard checklists on pages.



48. AVGN Scripts 2010
Street Fighter 2010, Pong, Game Glitches, Zelda 2, Back to the Future Revisited, Lester, Ninja Gaiden, Hydride, Action 52, How the Nerd Stole Christmas, Jekyll and Hyde Revisited with storyboard checklist on pages. Some contain hand written marks/notes.



49. AVGN Scripts 2011
Day Dreaming’ Davey, Star Wars, Spielberg Games, Kid Kool, Dark Castle, Bible Games 3, some have hand-written notes



50. AVGN Scripts 2012
Schwarzenegger games, SNES Vs GEN, Atari Sports, misc. hand-written notes



51. AVGN Scripts 2013
Ikari Warriors, Toxic Crusaders, Bill & Ted, Alien 3, few hand-written notes



52. AVGN Scripts 2014/ 2015
E.T., Seaman, Darkwing Duck, The Crow, Bad Game Cover Art



53. Movie Review Scripts
TMNT 3 movie review script, and a few others, most from 2007/ 2008 era.



54. You Know What’s Bullshit Scripts
All surviving scripts from the YKWBS episodes. Mostly from 2012. Some contain marks/ notes, and some storyboards.



55. Jekyll & Hyde Movie Trailer – Script/ Storyboards (2015)
Original hand-drawn storyboards on index cards, plus script for the hilarious faux trailer for the live action movie adaptation of the Jekyll and Hyde NES game. One of my favorite projects of 2015.



56. Board James Scripts (2009-2015)
A great collection of Board James scripts, many with original marks/ hand-drawn storyboards on pages. Includes DragonStrike, Crossfire, Shark Attack, Omega Virus, Lie Detector, Ouija, Wacky Blasters, Full House/Urkel, Video Games.



57. Board James: DreamPhone – Script (2013)
One of my favorite episodes. It took a horror twist, but also changed the course of the entire series. Here is the script with original marks/ hand-drawn storyboards on pages.



58. Board James: 13 Dead End Drive – Script and newspaper clippings (2015)
The suspenseful tribute to the “old dark house” genre. Script with original marks and hand drawn storyboards on pages. Includes actual newspaper clippings used on camera The pages were dyed in tea to appear aged. Plus mock Polaroid photo.



59. Board James: Nightmare episode – Script/ Storyboards (2015)
The most ambitious web episode I’ve done so far. Multiple copies of script, printed for each major scene, with original marks on each of them, to keep shooting organized. Some pages have “blood” stains from production. Storyboards are hand drawn on index cards, color coded for each setup.






60. Extraterrestrial Highway sign
Fake sign printed out on large board, for scene in AVGN Movie. Sign was displayed alongside desert highway as an imitation to the real-life famous road in Nevada (Route 375), the closest major highway to Area 51. Many UFO sightings have been reported on this road.

60_Extraterrestrial_Highway 60_Extraterrestrial_Highway-SCREENSHOT


61. Atari Landfill
From AVGN Movie, when all the E.T. games rise from the pit, exposing this massive crater, actually just a set made from styrofoam and wood. This is a large bulky object, waiting to be displayed somewhere. You just need some more sand, and tiny fake trees, and it could look like new again. There is a small hole melted at the bottom of the crater, from pyrotechnics (the scene where the tank miniatures falls into the pit and blows up).

61_Atari_Landfill 61_Atari_Landfill-SCREENSHOT


62. Cardboard box robots
Made as an homage to low-budget sci-fi movies, which in itself, AVGN Movie IS. These robots were made deliberately from cardboard boxes as a tribute to the genre. As a result of shooting the film, and shipping/ storing them for years, they are in very bad shape. But you could possibly repair them, maybe re-decorate them with electrical gadgets, for use in your own display, who knows. Also includes two laser gun props.



63. Nerd’s UFO
In AVGN Movie, the Nerd fakes his own home-made spaceship to sail over the fence of Area 51. This ship was constructed from foam and various materials. The top dome comes off easily. As seen in the film, I hide inside it, but in reality, I was positioned through a hole in the bottom. Only my upper torso was inside. Afterwards, we sent it sliding down the main slope of the famous Vasquez Rocks, seen in Star Trek and tons of films and TV shows. It suffered a major beating. Pieces are falling off everywhere. You might be able to refurbish it.

63_Giant_UFO 63_Giant_UFO-SCREENSHOT


64. Tank Chair
General Dark Onward’s tank chair from AVGN Movie. Ever want to sit in something so badass? It does not actually drive. To create the illusion that it was functional, the actor had to walk it with his feet, and the treads were wound up and pulled by rope so they would move. It has gone through a lot on the movie set. It’s been shipped from Los Angeles to Philadelphia before, and has taken a beating. Right now, it sits safely in heavy wrap/ packing. Mainly the treads you would need to repair. Otherwise, it appears just like it did in the film. NOTE: It is extremely heavy. Especially with the packing, it would take a few people and a ramp to load it onto a vehicle.



65. The remains of Las Vegas/ Golden Gate Bridge/ Area 51
From the most epic sequences in AVGN Movie, and my favorite to shoot. This is when the monster Death Mwauthzyx destroys the cities. The condition of these items are expectedly damaged, as they were made to be destroyed on-camera. I’ve saved pieces where possible. Recommended for those with construction skill. With some work, you can reassemble them to use in your museum display or in your own film, who knows. Includes fragments of Golden Gate bridge, Area 51 towers, Mandalay Bay, “OMG” Grand, Excalibur Castle, and Paris Casino.

65_Destruction-SCREENSHOT-4 65_Destruction-SCREENSHOT-3



65_Destruction-5 65_Destruction-SCREENSHOT-1



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