MEGA MAN Games – Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 139

Mike Matei / April 6th, 2016

For the 10 Year Anniversary of the Nerd’s YouTube channel, he plays the Mega Man games, good and bad. The horridness will test him to the limit. To make it through, he must turn to the past!

Written, Produced and Starring James Rolfe
Title Card by Mike Matei
Mike Matei as Bugs Bunny
Theme Song, and Special Effects Construction by Kyle Justin
Music by Andreas Hedlund.

This was the most time-consuming AVGN episode to make, at 138+ hours of work. It beat the record, previously held by R.O.B. at 122+ hours.

The Cinemassacre/ AVGN Merch¬†page has been updated. New T-shirts are available, DVD’s have been restocked, and there’s even a new video game AVGN Adventures 2: Assimilation.

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