Board James Nightmare Analysis

James / December 4th, 2015

The Board James Nightmare episode was a very complex one. (SEE IT HERE)¬†Because it’s so heavy, I’ll be posting a video in a few days, explaining the overall Board James mythology. Feel free to keep speculating. Here’s a few theories that I’ve received.




(About the release dates)
Now taking each of the days, we get: 13134314, or 1313DEAD. 13 13 DEAD is a reference to 13 13 Dead End Drive, a sequel to 13 Dead End Drive, where we see BJ, Motherfucker Mike, and Bad Luck Bootsy all get hanged, meaning they’re dead. However, when looking at the numbers we also get ACAC DEAD, and AC is an electrical current used for electric chairs, like the one BJ got at the end (it was a brief clip but noticeable). Also, when adding the letters A with A and C with C, we get A+A=1+1=2=B and C+C=3+3=6=F, or BF. BF is typically slang for either boyfriend or best friend, and when thinking about this, Im pretty sure it stands for BF DEAD or best friends dead. BJ did mention that Mike and Bootsy were his only friends, and when thinking about it they did die in 13 Dead End Drive. HOWEVER, when adding the first 13 together, we get 1+3=4, now we have 413DEAD or 4/13 DEAD. The episode that aired April 2013 was Dream Phone, the episode where Mike and Bootsy died from the phone, and BJ got the blame for it, or did he. We know that he’s psychopathic now, and that his real self is in prison, so maybe he did kill them, and this is subconscious mind playing a game on himself. After all, all this is one huge game to him. So in my opinion, this is a very complex task, and I’ve come at it in every single direction that I could. I hope you enjoyed this analysis, and I wish you a great day.



If I understood it correctly, Mike is the real culprit and Board James was somehow framed, maybe not even on purpose since Mike could’ve also died on an accident. I bet that it all started as just a prank that gone terribly wrong.

Then Board James was sent to jail and became mad with grief, while knowing the truth and at the same time trying to deny it (hiding his memories from himself). But as Board James itself said on Candy Land, as you play more games, you remember more about your past self and thus he recovered his memory at 13 Dead End Drive episode.

This episode (Nightmare) seems to represent James trying to make Mike repent and confess, in a crazy way of madness and anger. In my opinion all of this season happens exactly AFTER (like all hats say together if you use the first letter of each one) Board James died, in purgatory. If you notice all hats, including the ones that Bootsy uses it spells AFTER 3 Skulls (can mean death from all 3) BJPB (that can means Board James Pays Back), as in Board James taking revenge after all of them died and went to purgatory.


While thinking and re-watching the newest episode I think it’s pretty much there’s multiple timelines, since James says that it’s all a game and when they die a new one starts over (something like that). So pretty much when James was about to get hit by the missile that’s why it showed all the times he died, so in one timeline he doesn’t die, in one timeline Mike was the one who hanged Bootsy, in one timeline James isn’t a criminal, and in one timeline he becomes the AVGN which is a current timeline so that explains why there will still be avgn episodes (although avgn died in the crazy castle episode but fuck it). NOT ONLY THAT BUT IN THE OUIJA EPISODE WHEN BJ SEES MR BUCKET AND DREAM PHONE I THINK WHEN HE OPENED THE DOOR, IT OPENED A DOOR TO ANOTHER TIMELINE WHICH IS WHY THE PHONE APPEARED AND IN ONE PART YOU SEE THE FAMICON TRANSFORMER FROM THE NERD EPISODE AS IF IT’S SOMEHOW SPIRITUALLY CONNECTING TO THE OUIJA TIMELINE! And hey, you did say the Ouija Board might hold some spirits! Also I think Board James got caught by the police because in the news paper it says that his ex-crime partners “Mikey” = mofo mike, and “Boris” = Bootsy, gave the police clues on where he was located and this is why BJ says to mike “you mother fucked me you mother fucker”. I’m honestly blown away by this. I’m not sure if there would be a Season 4 unless there’s a new timeline created for AVGN where he goes back to Board Games and starts off fresh and maybe meeting Mike & Bootsy again or hell, get the guitar guy behind the couch and possible other new characters, who knows! –
– Ricardo

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