Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES DEFEATED!! with Mike

Mike Matei / October 30th, 2015

Well, this has been a long time coming! James and I have been trying to beat this game since he made episode 2 of the Angry Video Game Nerd. We have both had a vendetta against this game for as long as I can remember. This is regarded as one of the hardest NES games ever made. Also, there are two endings to this game. Fortunately, I was able to defeat the game with the better ending which includes a final boss battle. Now that I’ve beaten the game, I intend to eventually show James how to beat the game, because I have a somewhat better understanding of how to do it now. Even though I’ve beaten it, I have to be honest it’s still not 100% clear to me. But I will attempt to explain it here. (Because I don’t want to forget)
Essentially, it involves getting hurt purposely by the bombs. You see, you have two meters. The life meter and the Jekyll & hyde meter. And you always want your Jekyll/Hyde meter to be lower than your life meter (on the final barrel stage).
So, on the barrel stage, you need to try and get hit by the bombs more than the barrels. But you don’t want to take a direct hit from the bombs. You need to be walking away from the bombs (to the left) and take small amounts of damage TO YOUR J&H meter! Then, once you are in Hyde’s world, just keep walking left and fighting the monsters. Eventually, the Hyde level switches to the Rooftops. What I learned here is that, even if you die and have to continue, once you continue, you will STILL be on the rooftops!! This was a huge realization to me, which I didn’t know previous to this live stream. The game kind of throws you a bone with that, which is very uncommon.
The final boss isn’t that difficult. He’s just a red version of the green faces that you see often in Hyde’s world. Except now he has a life meter. After you beat him, there’s nothing else to do except walk to the wedding. I think it’s really stupid they have you continue walking after that. The game should just end.
Overall, I think this is a pretty bad game.
The hardest things in the game are the flying satellite things in Hyde’s world. (The bee’s and barrels as well)
It’s not the worst NES game in my opinion. I hate Back to the Future 2&3 (NES) a lot more than this game. Like E.T. on Atari, it is a very difficult game to understand how to play. Even after beating it, and knowing everything I do about it, I still think it’s confusing. It’s just not a good game play mechanic. But the Nerd can describe why it’s bad better than I ever could so I’ll leave that to him. If you haven’t seen the AVGN video about this game, check it out. – Mike

AVGN: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde ►

See me playing the first few levels here ►

This playthrough is dedicated to James Rolfe. And I guess Blockbuster video too 😉

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