Name the clips – TNT’s MonsterVision

James / September 14th, 2015

This is a work in progress.

Remember the classic intro to TNT’s Monstervision (1993-1994). As a fun little side project, I’ve been planning on restoring the image quality. The only way to see it is from old VHS copies, with poor quality. SEE IT HERE.


I’ve been going directly to the movie DVD’s, finding the clips, and reconstructing the intro. The idea is to make it seem like you’re watching it fresh, for the first time, as it was first seen 20+ years ago, but probably even better quality than it’s original broadcast. And yes, someone is working on the colorization and graphics.

Here’s where I need help. There are some clips that I couldn’t identify. You’ll notice they are the ones where the frame is smaller. See if you know what movies they are from. Submit your answers in the comments below, and thanks in advance!

00:02 – Moon

00:08 – Test tubes/ face

00:16 – Test tubes

00:18 – Lab equipment

00:21 – Hand on buttons

00:22 – Swirling wheel

00:23 – Hand coming to life

Just to be clear, those are the only clips that are missing. If you want to know the clips that I’ve already found, they are from The Haunting (1963), The Walking Dead (1936), The Monster (1925), The Return of Doctor X (1939). 

UPDATE (10/25/2015)

IT’S DONE! Thanks everybody for helping to find those remaining clips.

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