Another Board James Fan Analysis

James / August 3rd, 2015

Here’s another analysis¬†of the Board James saga, which came after the Ouija episode, but before the Wacky Blasters episode. (New episode tomorrow)


Being a fan of AVGN and Board James, I watch the latest Board James video, and did a quick analysis on the entire video. That being said, I have a theory on what happened at the end of BJ (haha BJ), and think I might of figured out what happened to him. You may be asking yourself: Why am I telling you the theory? Well, I figured since you love it when fans give you a shout out and analyze your videos, I think it’s best to share with you what I believed happened to Board James.

So at the start of the video, Board James picks up the Ouija board, which in term can contact the dead. This of course will be used to contact Bootsy and Mike so he can finally see if he is truly innocent or not. However, the board doesn’t work, as seen when Board James starts getting frustrated and finally says fuck this, and plays Domino Rally. Now Domino Rally is of course a tough game to set up, and can be ruined if someone accidentally pushes one domino. This of course has Bootsy’s name written all over it, and his eye patch, of course, fucks up the game….not surprised when it comes to Bootsy hehe. Now, I do believe, however, that Bootsy didn’t toss his eye patch to the domino’s, but was rather a demon or spirit.

Around 1:50 or so when Board James is using the Ouija board, you can see a skull head near the shelves. This lead me to believe that something was wrong here. I believe Board James might have released a demonic soul. It is possible due to the Ouija board having a spirit of releasing souls and demons from the afterlife once contacted. So, with that information, I think a demon might have tricked Board James into believing it was Bootsy, so he could try a ritual to contact Bootsy. When Board James tries to contact Bootsy and Mike, he places candles, and cuts his wrist to complete the ritual. But his wrist bleeds a lot, thus having him pass out…or so we think he’s passed out. This will be explained near the end, I promise.

When Board James passes out, he dreams of the afterlife, but is greeted by two old nightmares: Mr. Bucket and Dream Phone. This is now his nightmare, because what’s worse than dreaming about a pink plastic killer phone, and a bucket that wants to suck your balls. That being said, Board James is then saved by Elvis, which happens to be Mike. They of course play a board game, and he soon wakes up, with Mike and Bootsy by his side. While in amazement that they’re back, you notice something wrong with them. Mike talks like Elvis, and Bootsy talks like Rodney Dangerfield. Suddenly, Board James quotes Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven as Vincent Price. By now, I, along with the audience, have to be thinking “What the fuck happened to these guys?” Here’s where the wrist bleeding comes in.

When he passes out due to his wrists bleeding, he dreams of what caused him to be accused in the first place, along with his one and only true friends. But when he awakens, a bright light appears, and they’re all back in the living. Or so we think it’s the living. During his time in the afterlife, or dream world, or whatever you want to call it, his wrist are still bleeding. Unless medical attention is provided, the wrist will continue to bleed til you are dead. So, Board James is in fact dead, and his own personal heaven, his one true happiness is having Mike and Bootsy alive again. Aall he wanted was his friends, and he got them back, but not in the living. He got them back in the afterlife.


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