Board James – Fan’s OMEGA VIRUS analysis

James / June 5th, 2015

A new great analysis from Nimpec, focusing on the Omega Virus episode. Enjoy! And check out the latest episode Ouija/ Domino Rally, and feel free to speculate.


I have my own theory that sorta backs up your theory, Azure Aragami’s. I think I have some answers, with the help of my twin brother that I have found. These answers all lie within the Omega Virus Episode. I will also be stating time codes for the parts of my own theory.

Before I begin, it is almost a second hand nature for any author, film producer, writer, etc, to portray symbolism in their work. It can be said that James, a film producer, uses symbolism to hide answers in his videos. Keep in mind that with every answer, there must be a question.

So in the video, we start off in the attic. This is where the first question comes to play. Why the attic? Well it is because James wants a fresh beginning. I’ll elaborate on this point a little later.

0:22- This is the first symbolism that James used to show us that he himself is the killer. It is a quick shot of a monopoly board. Why is this significant? It’s because the shot shows the Jail spot of the board along with the “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” Chance Card. Now if we go back to the Dream Phone video, the police came to investigate the murder scene. This was when James was arrested. Well, if James was the killer and was sent to jail, then why is he not life sentenced, or on death trial? Well the Chance Card shows that he was able to get out jail somehow, but how? During the investigation and trail, James was able to be proved not guilty because of his personality disorders. After a long time away from home, he was able to come back with a feeling of guilt.

0:35- Here we see Board James kind of uneasy, like he knows that something doesn’t feel right. We can also conclude that James was in prison at this point, or at least about to go to prison, because he says, “I don’t get to play very much anymore”. Also, the tone of his voice is almost unsettling to us because he appears to be aware of what he has done; murder.

Now, lets go back to the question of why Board James is in the attic. Like I said, the attic symbolizes a new begging. This is what I mean. Board James literally has tons and tons of board games in his basement as we see in the background of his videos. Since he has so many games in a room that is easier to grasp, why does he go into the attic? It is because he feels that by getting new board games, it will make himself forget the hurtful past, and to focus on a new start.

Before I tear apart the symbolism that lies within the game that Board James reviews, Omega Virus, I might have found some answers hidden within the games that Board James briefly mentions. Now, these might sound too farfetched and you might think that I’m thinking too hard, but a thought is a thought.

The Elvis Games- There is the common theory that Elvis is alive somewhere on an island (Total bs). What if this symbolizes that Mike and Bootsy are somehow alive? I say this because I thought to myself, Will James continue making his Board James series alone? Or will it come to end real soon?

No Respect- Symbolizes that James had no respect when killing his friends.

Executive Decision- During his trial, there was an important decision to make to have James be sent to jail for life, or to let him free.

Back to time codes

2:39- It is obvious here that Board James no longer has any friends to play with because well, they’re dead. We should all know this. His expression shows us that he has a guilty feeling inside because he knew he was the one who murdered his friends. But was it really his fault?

A look at the game, Omega Virus

Yep, more symbolism. Omega Virus is a game where you have to destroy the virus. Board James is the virus. A virus destroys and corrupt things which is exactly what Board James does. He destroys his friends and is corrupted himself. What I mean is that his multiple personality disorder and his hallucinations are corrupting his normal state. I also have another point that will back this statement up which I will reveal later on.

4:33- When the speaker in the game repeats “Help me. Help me” James gets annoyed. This shows that James doesn’t deal with tolerance. He gets aggressive and just wants to get on with his game. Do these words bring back any memories? Hmm.

4:51- The voice is back and boy does Board James looks deranged. The cries of help haunt James because it reminds him of the moments of his murders. The voice also calls him a fool and human scum. Why? Because any murder should be called a scum…duh.

5:12- The Battle of James 1 vs. James 2. James has a hallucination at this point. Again, James is the virus, or in this case, James 2. At this part of the video, the virus starts attacking. The good side of James, James 1, tries his very hardest to defend that attack. Hence the epic badass action of the video. If you think about, this is a game that more than one person should be playing right? James is playing by himself and has an intense amount of determination to win. How can this be done by only one person?

5:43- THERE IS MORE THAN ONE BOARD JAMES!?! Actually there isn’t. Just a hallucination. Board James is only imagining the replicas to Mike and Bootsy. I shouldn’t say replace, but more like wishing his friends were still here. He feels sentimental, like he has to be playing with his friends like he always has before.

5:48- HOLY SHIT A FOURTH BOARD JAMES!?! Nope. That’s just James 2. Or is it… So you might be confused here. The James that was playing the game was the good side… until the hallucination took over. Whenever Board James is having a hallucination, the evil side of James starts to take over. So the James that we see playing the game is now the evil James. Now, when the other James walks into the room, that is the good James. The good side of James looks startled, like he is now realizing that he is having these hallucinations. After the previous incidents of the other hallucinations, he is now starting to gain control over his unconscious self. He then attacks his evil part of him and it appears to not work. Board James tries again, but with a larger weapon to finally finish off his enemy self. Okay, the part of the video when the faces turned into robots confused me a bit. By doing quick research, the robot mask that James is wearing looks just like the Terminator’s face. The thing is, I’ve never seen any of the

Terminator movies so I cant really say what James was going for. I don’t know if the mask was suppose to be the face of the virus or it was a just reference to the movie (which im sure it was just a reference).

The good side of Board James appears to be the victor, but I don’t really think he fended off his evil self completely. I say this because the Lie Detector video shows himself having another hallucination. This was just showing that James is starting to realize that something isn’t right with himself. I also want to point out that when you click the False video, James states that something fishy is going on and there is some sort of presence. We should all know that the next episode should be the Ouija board, so im going to have to say that this “presence” is his evil half or he is going to summon the ghosts of Mike and Bootsy.

I may not be right, but I’m pretty sure I am. I just can’t see Mr. Bucket or the Dream Phone hosting the murders. Feel free to disagree or agree, call me crazy or creative. I won’t care. I haven’t watched the new video that was posted yesterday. Idk what will happen but im sure it will be some crazy shit that we weren’t expecting. Going to watch it soon.

ALSO. Look at the board games lined up behind James on the right throughout the Omega Virus and Lie Detector videos.

No Respect = James didn’t show respect when killing his friends

Hangman= How Bootsy was murdered

E.T. = Well…you know

How To Host A Murder= How James hosted his murder

Weapons and Warriors= There is a knife on the cover of the box, which was used to kill Mike.

– Nimpec

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