AVGN Adventures – Wii U – Launch Trailer!

Mike Matei / April 2nd, 2015

Join the Nerd and friends as they blast their way through 10 levels of fun, fast paced 2D action based on the AVGN’s adventures in his online series. With multiple playable characters, power ups, cameos galore, tons of secrets, and more, we’ve made a game that all fans of video games will enjoy. So grab that gamepad and pick up a copy of AVGNA today!

Don’t have a Wii U? Live on a different rock? Don’t worry! Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures will be coming to the 3DS and Europe shortly!

Please visit Nintendo eShop on Wii U to purchase! Click on eShop, then do a search for “AVGN”.

Get more info about AVGNA on the Wii U here:


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