AVGN Movie storyboards

James / February 24th, 2014

Current updates are always nice. I’ve been doing them pretty frequently lately. This time, how about we go back to the past? To our pre-production phase.


Gabe Crate was our storyboard artist on the AVGN Movie. You might already know his name if you’ve read The Tick comics. Storyboards are similar to comics in many ways. You have a series of panels showing each sequence in the story. This is helpful to communicate your vision to the rest of the crew, and to categorize/ group your shots into the most convenient order to shoot. Directors work closely with the storyboard artist. On the AVGN Movie, we used several different methods, rough sketches, live enactments, photoshop images using cut-out characters, but nothing beats working with an artist who can draw a hell of a lot better than yourself.




Here’s part of our vehicle chase as pre-visualized. I always wanted to shoot a chase scene like this. Our imaginations went wild. That’s how it always starts. But movies do not often go as planned, and many things change from storyboard to the final screen. For example, we never got the van airborne and never got our aerial shot. On set, we had lots of bad luck, and only 4 hours to film the whole scene. But our stunt team was awesome, and at the end of the day, wow, we filmed a chase!




Currently Gabe Crate is working on a short film called Move Me.

Check out the “Move Me” Facebook page



Also check out Gabe’s personal Facebook page

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