AVGN & Board James DVD’s are here!

James / December 16th, 2013

AVGN Volume 7 is here, and the first-ever Board James DVD. Get them at ScrewAttackStore.com. If you want the value pack for both, make sure to click here.

Here’s all the info.




AVGN Vol 7
Disc 1 – 1 hour, 52 min
Disc 2 – 2 hours, 7 min
Disc 3 – 2 hours, 46 min


Disc 1
– 2 hours, 3 minutes
Disc 2 – 2 hours





AVGN Vol 7


108. Ghosts N’ Goblins
109. Atari Sports
110. Ikari Warriors
111. Toxic Crusaders
112. Bill and Ted
113. Tiger Games
114. Alien 3


SNES Vs Sega Genesis
Commentary of the year
Original Nerd room 2004
Current Nerd room tour 2013
Atari Sports – OUTTAKES
Ikari Warriors – OUTTAKES
Toxic Crusaders – OUTTAKES
Bill and Ted – OUTTAKES
Tiger Games – OUTTAKES
Alien 3 – OUTTAKES
Magfest 2013 panel
SGC 2013 panel
TooManyGames 2013 panel


Top 5 Most Ingenious Nerd IDeas
Top 5 Musical Episodes
Top 5 Worst Gaming Accessories
Top 5 Worst NES Music
Top 10 Epic Nerd Moments
Top 10 Hardest NES Games
Top 10 Moments the Nerd Lost His Mind
Top 10 Most Hated Weapons or Items
Top 10 Most Unfair Gaming Moments
Top 10 Nerd’s Game Abuse
Top 10 Nerd’s Most Unexpected Moments
Top 10 Problems with Games
Top 10 Toughest Jumps
Top 10 Worst NES Games
Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles
Top 10 Worst Video Game Endings
Top 20 Weirdest Video Game Moments

NOTE: The image quality varies on the Top 10 videos, because all the different clips were shot on different codecs over the years. When you mix different codecs in the same video, some of them need to be compromised.



NOTE: You know what’s bullshit? DVD Studio Pro doesn’t let you have more than 18 buttons on a single menu, unless the menu is in 4:3 ratio. So I learned an entirely new DVD program, Adobe Encore, and to my dismay, I find out that it also has the 18 button limit!! What’s with these button limits? That’s bullshit!
Bottom line: The menu for Disc 1 is in 4:3.


1. Mouse Trap
2. DragonStrike (The entire segment with the VHS video clips has been removed, regrettably)
3. Crossfire (The commercial has been edited out.)
4. Fireball Island
5. Weapons and Warriors
6. Deadly Danger Dungeon
7. Hero Quest
8. Mr. Bucket (The Mr. Bucket commercial has been replaced with a new scene of James and Mike discussing it)
9. Tornado Rex
10. TMNT
11. Key to the Kingdom
12. Donut Disaster
13. Loopin’ Louie
14. Monster Madness
15. Battlemasters
16. Splat
17. Doggie Doo
18. Shark Attack
19. DreamPhone
DreamPhone Commentary


The Making of Board James
Board Game Collection
Dreamphone Effects – Before and After
Perfection: Lost episode
Risk: Cameo appearance
Deadly Danger Dungeon
Hero Quest – OUTTAKES
Mr. Bucket – OUTTAKES
Tornado Rex – OUTTAKES
Donut Disaster – OUTTAKES
Monster Madness – OUTTAKES
Doggie Doo – OUTTAKES
Shark Attack – OUTTAKES
DreamPhone – OUTTAKES




AVGN DVD Volume 7     $23.98
Baord James DVD     $17.98
AVGN and Board James DVD combo     $31.98 (saves$10)


Also, as always, NO REGION CODING (like all DVD’s should be) and SHIPS WORLDWIDE

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