Updates and AVGN requests

James / November 17th, 2013

Since October, it’s been complete madness. I spent the last two weeks working on the annual AVGN DVD (this will be Volume 7) and on top of that, a Board James DVD finally! Now I’m working on a special AVGN episode. One that’s a little bit time sensitive. So there goes my November. Somewhere around Thanksgiving, I hope to get some time to work on the AVGN Movie for a little while. Then, come December, I’ll be working on yet another AVGN episode to cap off the year. That brings me to my question.


What games do you want to see the Nerd review, even if in short form? I’m trying to gauge what my biggest requests are, as of today. (Besides E.T.) Make your Christmas wish list for the Nerd, and I’ll consider them.



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