AVGN Movie Update – October 2013

James / October 13th, 2013

We want to get more fans in the AVGN movie! We’ve already had fans appear on set with us and meet us, but this is a different scene. It’s one that you film yourself.


There’s a scene where various people are shown talking on their webcams, responding to the Nerd’s videos. The purpose of the scene is to establish the world and show that the Nerd is a guy online who reviews games, and has fans. Not any different from real life. We feel the scene could be better by showing real fans around the world, speaking on their webcams.


You can be creative with it. Here’s some things that may help in our selections.

  • * Be excited about the Nerd’s videos.
  • * Tell us why you’re the biggest fan.
  • * Request E.T. Why hasn’t the Nerd done E.T. Yet? Tell him how bad the game is.
  • * Say where you’re from. A country or a major city that you’re near.
  • * A webcam or video camera is fine. Doesn’t matter. Just speak to the camera.
  • * Make sure the image quality is decent. Not too dark.
  • * Make sure the audio is clear. No loud background noises.
  • * No brand name shirts or large posters/images in background that show established franchises, trademarks, or logos.


Upload it on your YouTube channel or Blip, Vimeo, whatever you want. Just set it to private or unlisted. Email us the link at Help@AVGNmovie.com. I’ll be looking at them by the end of the month. Send them no later than October 27th. If we select yours, we will email you back and talk further.


Also, on a completely separate note, we can still use any VFX help. Send your info to the same email.


The posters are for sale at ScrewAttackStore.com

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