AVGN Movie Update – September 2013

Mike Matei / September 19th, 2013

The months flew past since the last update in April 2013, so I made another. Sorry for the video quality. It’s a bit rushed. Basically, this is my long answer to “when is the movie coming out?” The short answer is that it’s taking way longer than expected, but it WILL get done. I finish everything I begin.


The official poster is ready! It was designed by Pavel Lagutin. Check out his awesome work at pavel-lagutin.com. Also thanks to everyone for helping come up with the tagline. We sort of used a hybrid of different ideas we heard.


You can buy the poster at ScrewAttackStore.com.
$10.00 for 18″ x 26.75″ Non-autographed.
$15.00 for 18″ x 26.75″ Autographed by me! Expect a delay. ScrewAttack will ship your orders to me first, I’ll autograph them, then I’ll ship them back.
All proceeds go directly into helping to finish the movie.





Here is a link to the timeline tracking the movie’s progress.


Also, here’s an alternate link to the video on Blip.



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