Mega Man vs Mighty No. 9

Mike Matei / September 10th, 2013

Make Me Draw! Mighty No. 9 vs Mega Man!

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Winner for this video

Thanks to Zircon for the music!
Music: (Factor 5) by zircon (@zirconST)

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I’m looking for artists who are skilled with Photoshop to color drawings for me. I love to draw and ink myself, but the coloring process has never really been my thing. I will draw the pictures and then send you the black & white line art via email. Then you return it to me, colored, to be put into a video. What you get in return is credit in the video description and exposure!
What I need –
Someone who is very skilled at coloring with Photoshop.
Someone who can work fast.
Someone who replies to e-mails fast.
Someone who wants to do the coloring work for name credit. (could be good for a resume)
If you’re interested in coloring for me, SEND ME SAMPLES of your work.
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