“In a world…”

James / February 8th, 2013

Can anyone find me some movie trailers that say “In a world”? This is such a well known cliche, but I’ve never been able to locate one that says it, except when it’s making fun of the cliche itself.

I’m almost starting to wonder if it’s like the “Beam me up, Scotty line”, the most famous line from Star Trek, quoted and parodied all the time, but NEVER actually spoken in Star Trek.

That’s why I ask the question. To confirm the authenticity of this cliche and it’s origins. Try to find links to legitimate trailers that start with “In a world” where they’re not saying it as a parody.

This is mostly a curiosity thing, but also research for a possible Cinemassacre video. Thanks in advance, I’ll be checking the comments.

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