The Deader the Better on DVD

James / October 24th, 2012

In 2005, I turned my parents’ garage into a cemetery and shot my own short zombie film. “The Deader the Better” was a tribute to bloody splatter flicks, but done in the style of a classic B&W chiller, with fog and atmosphere. It was my labor of love at the time. Now, 7 years later, I’m finally releasing it on DVD, due to many requests. Also, with a new musical score.

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FUN FACT: My wife painted the poster/DVD cover

The Making of The Deader the Better, “Dig Your Own Grave” (17 minutes) featuring cast & crew interviews, shot in 2006
Commentary – recorded in 2006
Beta version (1 minute test footage)
Condensed version (3 minute re-edit)
Animatic (original storyboards)
Production photos
Rumble in the Jungle – TRAILER (1997)
Red Zombie (1997) – The precursor to The Deader the Better
Red Zombie commentary – Newly recorded
Red Zombie Outtakes

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