My summer updates

James / August 14th, 2012

What’s been going on with me? Well, I’ve been really busy this summer. I’ve been happy to be home again and have enjoyed making more videos for the site, I really missed the instant satisfaction I get from making them, but soon I need to put my full efforts into the AVGN movie to get it finished. I plan to work more intensely on it this Fall. I needed the summer to recoup.

The biggest question I get all the time is “When’s the movie coming out?” Thanks a lot for your interest. I appreciate it. It’s too early to figure out a release date yet. About 80% of it is shot. (Something like that, it’s not an accurate percentage, just an estimate). Basically there’s quite a bit left to shoot. Fortunately, all the most difficult stuff is out of the way and the rest can be filmed locally. There’s some sets we have to build, but other than that, it’s nothing too daunting. We have some editors who are working on a rough cut of the footage that’s already been shot. I’ll be making the final edit.

The most immediate goal is to get a trailer ready, so you can actually see for yourself what we shot. Even though there’s still quite a bit left to shoot, there’s enough footage for the trailer and there can always be a second one later. I need to focus on cutting the trailer in the near future, and get some VFX work done on it and music composed. It’ll all come together, but just needs time. So it’s a long way before I have any idea when the final product will be done. I plan on getting the trailer ready this Fall. If I do Monster Madness again, it’ll take a bit more time.

Production has been slow this summer. I’ve been fixing a lot of technical problems with my computer. My hard drives have been failing me too. Everything’s backed up, but it’s just been a lot of work getting everything organized again. I’ve gone to a lot of conventions this summer to meet the fans. I’ve slowly meeting friends and family who I have not seen in a long time. (Kyle, you’re next, buddy! It’s been 2 years.) All my projects have taken a toll on my personal life, so I’ve been getting everything back together. The short story is it’s been a really busy summer. I plan to be more productive in the Fall.




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