James / January 18th, 2012

Wow! Big protest day on the internet. Today, many sites “blacked out” in protest against SOPA and PIPA. Many are wondering why I didn’t join in. Well, I didn’t know that this was happening until this morning. Anyone who has seen the video I posted earlier should realize that I just traveled all the way across the country on a 5 day road trip. I just began settling into my apartment. I haven’t unpacked my stuff yet. I’m lucky to even have internet access at the moment. So I’ve been out of the loop.

For something like this, it’s important I write this myself, in my own words, since this site is generally my own voice. That’s why it took some time, for me to have a chance to sit down personally and make this post. (I’ve been out all day location scouting.) Still everybody else at Cinemassacre is against SOPA, PIPA, and any bills that threaten the nature of the internet. I can speak personally, the internet has changed my life. It gave me a job, a fanbase, I even met my wife on the internet! Something that so many peoples’ livelihoods depends on should NOT be put in the hands of filthy rich media corporations for them to control.

ScrewAttack wanted me to mention that they will not be covering the E3 game expo this year. (Neither will I.) Go to their page here for more details. Basically the ESA which largely represents the game industry supports SOPA/PIPA. Unless they withdraw their support, many game reviewers/bloggers will be boycotting covering E3. In general, the media industry has a lot to owe to the internet for publicity. Why would they cripple that?

Of course, we do NOT support piracy. But copyright holders already have the ability to remove infringing material from the internet. It’s called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and as far as I know it’s been working fine as it is. SOPA/PIPA go way more extreme and are broadly worded.

Lastly, I wanted to applaud everyone on the internet for speaking out today. It’s one hell of a mess, and I prefer to stay out of politics. Those who have already spoken have done a better job than I ever could. Great work. Your voices are being heard. The internet belongs to the people.

Here’s the petition on Google, but I’m sure you’ve seen that by now.

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