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James / January 6th, 2012

Here’s something my wife would like to post for you. Enjoy.


Yes, James is married.
* shock, horror, surprise, fainting, screams, sighs, pants-shitting, mass hysteria ensues
* the interwebs explode
* dust clears, life goes on…

Hello, I’m Mrs.Nerd.  As you all know, until this very moment in time, I’ve kept a rather low profile.  I feel, however, it is time to officially introduce myself.  “Why now?” You may be asking.  Well, there are a few things that led me to this decision…

The first thing I realized is that you all seem to really enjoy the “behind the scenes” type videos and glimpses into James’ “real” life that he occasionally posts here.  I don’t blame you one bit.  As a “fan” myself, those are the things I go batshit over. I love blooper reels, extra features on DVDs, and weird little glimpses into the making of things and the creative process. The fact is that I live with the mad genius himself and have been witness to some crazy and interesting stuff over the years. I have a lot of fun stories to tell and it just seems mean of me not to share them with you.  I want to assure you that I don’t plan to diminish the “magic” of what James does or to get too “reality TV” by giving away all the secrets and airing all our dirty laundry, but I do feel I have a unique perspective that you all may find interesting.

The second thing that has become apparent recently is the lack of diversity on Cinemassacre.  In its beginnings it was James and only James, so diversity wasn’t an issue, but now as the site expands to include new shows like OverAnalyzers, Mike’s Glitches, guest actors on Board James or AVGN and fun little videos like the TMNT Pizza Party its all too clear that this site is a caucasion sausage fest.  While I can’t help to add any ethnic diversity, I can bring a female perspective to things that I think all 10 of the female viewers will appreciate.

Next, as I touched on above, Cinemassacre is expanding as a site.  While James takes a “break” (I use quotations because I’m not sure James truly knows the meaning of this word) from the AVGN series to work on the upcoming feature film, telling my stories can help the fans get a “nerd fix” and also provide content for Cinemassacre’s loyal visitors.  NOTE: I’m telling you, this movie is so worth the wait!

Lastly, as I mentioned before I’ve always kept a low profile, but I have to say it is nice to “exist” in some capacity. For years the rumors have stirred about James’ marital status and it feels good to clear it all up. I do want to be perfectly clear though. I’ve been around since before the beginning of all this and have been quite happy to remain two steps off camera doing my own thing. I have no interest in being on camera and my personal creativity is expressed through non-performance art like drawing, painting, cooking and writing (hence the written format.)  I am doing this to tell my stories and provide a unique perspective to the site.  I hope that it will help to satiate your need as faithful fans for new content and glimpses into what goes on at Cinemassacre Central.

I’d like to kick it off with a good old fashion Q&A. Leave your questions below.

UPDATE: Forgot to clarify. The questions will be answered in a second post. No exact time. We’ll be on a cross country road trip soon. The second post with the answers will come in at least a week from now. She will select a handful and answer them in a separate post.

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