AVGN autograph memorabilia – Final month for fundraiser

James / January 3rd, 2012

With only one month left for the AVGN Movie fundraiser, we are raffling off some autographed items from my collection, for those who donate this month. It includes some games and props/clothing from the AVGN episodes. Go to our IndieGoGo page for more details, and as always, check the “updates” tab for the latest news.

Here’s a video of me signing them.

Here’s a lesson for anyone fundraising a movie. Wait for the new year. We’re getting killed with taxes. Will there be deductibles? Yes, we’re planning to spend every dollar of it to make the movie. But, we raised the money in 2011. We’re spending it in 2012, which means we have to give a large chunk of it to Uncle Sam.

This is a really hectic month for me. I’m getting ready to move to California for a few months. I’m bringing with me my car and my wife and cats, which means… cross country road trip! (We’re saving a lot of costs that way, and that’s personal anyway, has nothing to do with the movie funds.)

My last public appearance before I head west is Magfest. I’ll be back home in the summer, hopefully with all principle photography done by then and editing will begin.

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