James / December 6th, 2011

Hey everyone, I’ve been really busy working on the AVGN Movie (pre-production.) There’s not much new to report yet. We’ve been speaking with visual effects artists for months now and have met a lot of cool people. We’ve been working on storyboards and shot lists non-stop since the Thanksgiving holiday and will still be working on them for weeks to come. We’re also trying to sort out our budget. By January, I’ll be moving to the west coast and planning to be devoting myself full time to getting this movie going. (The east coast weather sucks! Especially that freak snow and ice storm in October!) It’s a very ambitious project, but we’ll learn a lot from it, and I’ll share it all with you (except for plot spoilers). So I’ll keep you updated if anything real interesting happens soon.

Update: To all those asking, after the movie shoot James will be returning to the East Coast. The Nerd room is not going anywhere. Also, there will be plenty of other videos coming to the site while the shoot is going on, so keep coming back to see lots of awesome videos.

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