Mailbag videos coming soon on ScrewAttack

James / December 1st, 2011

I filmed 6 videos of me sitting down reading some fan emails. (about 10 minutes each) This is a new feature on ScrewAttack’s new advantage program. The video promo explains it better, but basically the deal is, if you want to throw in a few dollars for a month, you can get access to ScrewAttack content a week or so before it comes out to the general public.

Obviously, this is optional. You can just watch the videos like normal, free as always, when they go live public. But this is a little something extra. I know everybody’s been really supportive with the AVGN movie fundraiser and everything. You’ve already given so much. This is just another option to help support ScrewAttack/Cinemassacre and the AVGN movie.

See the video promo here.

Join ScrewAttack’s advantage program here.



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