Cinemassacre DVD Announcement

James / September 22nd, 2011

I’ve finally gotten around to making DVD’s of my old Cinemassacre movies. The first release in The Cinemassacre Collection will be “Cinematic Catastrophes”. See the video promo.

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Cinematic Catastrophes DVD contents:

Cinemassacre 200 (2008)
Kung Fu Werewolf From Outer Space (2001) EXTRAS: Commentary
It Came From The Toilet (2001) EXTRAS: Commentary and documentary clips

The Dragon In My Dreams (2010) EXTRAS: Outtake clip
Cinemaphobia (2001) EXTRAS: Extended version, Outtakes, Commentary
Curse of the Cat Lover’s Grave (2003) EXTRAS: Outtakes, Commentary, Animatic, Behind-the-scenes montage


Also AVGN DVD VOL 5 coming soon (By December at the latest) The rest of the Cinemassacre DVD’s will come after.

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