Cinemassacre IPhone App is here!

Mike / June 18th, 2011

  • Episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd and other Cinemassacre shows in high quality M4V
  • See the latest videos as soon as they are posted
  • Full iPad support
  • AirPlay-enabled video playback
  • Optional notification on new videos
  • Completely Ad-Free

Click here to get the App!

After a long four months we’re finally done. I’m really proud with the final product. Thank you to all the wonderful testers especially Mike Matei. Their bug crushing efforts made this thing possible. We were able to deliver every video in a high quality format without creating any additional work for James and Mike. Enjoy, and thanks in advance for all of your support!

We have begun preliminary work on an Android app. If everything works out well with the iOS version, an Android app will follow. this app was developed by Screenwave Media

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