Biff Tannen biography

James / November 18th, 2010

This video just came to my attention. You’ve seen parts of it in Back to the Future 2 when Marty’s watching on the TV, but this seems to be the whole thing un-edited.

I’ve seen similar videos turn up, like the newscast from Die Hard, and the full TV ad from Ghostbusters. But this one takes the cake. I’m really surprised this has never been included as an extra on a Back to the Future DVD. It’s a great find!


“ has recently uncovered a copy of the complete video monitor footage from the ‘Biff Tannen Museum’ scene in Back to the Future™ Part II which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) watches at the museum’s entrance while he’s looking for answers about his father’s demise.

This never-before-seen clip is an extension of the material we briefly see on film, featuring some elaborate glimpses into Biff Tannen’s (Tom Wilson) ill-gained rise to fame and power in Hill Valley.

The 3½ minute segment was digitized from an old VHS tape which had been saved by a Back to the Future fan with family connections to the film production at the time the sequels were shot in 1989-1990. To date, the following clip is not available on any other commercial collection, including the recently released 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray Disc and DVD boxed sets.”

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