Charity drive / prize giveaway

James / November 15th, 2010

My wife is helping run a charity drive for Autism Speaks, an organization to help people affected by autism. In addition to this, we’re giving away Cinemassacre/AVGN prizes to 4 random donators as a way to give back to the fans. We will announce the winners on Thanksgiving. An American holiday, yes, but the theme of giving thanks is universal.

Donate anytime during this week, November 15th to 20th

1.     Go to
2.     Click on “Join Our Team” at the top under the Welcome Message
3.     Fill in the info.  Must fill in your email address to be eligible for prizes.
4.     Donate
5.     You should be able to see your name as a team member and the amount you donated.

This is a separate website from Cinemassacre. The money goes directly to the Autism Speaks organization. The only information we will have is your email address, so we can send the prizes.

If you want to donate anonymously and NOT be eligible for the prizes, simply…

1.     Go to
2.     Click the “General Team Donation” Tab
3.     Enter amount and donate.
4.     You will be listed as a “General Team Donation”

Donations after November 20th won’t be eligible for prizes.

The minimum donation is $10 USD. That’s all you need to be eligible for the prizes. Your name will be entered and drawn at pure random on Thanksgiving Day. You have the option of donating more. For every $10, you will receive another entry in the raffle. For example, $20 counts as 2 entries, $30 counts as 3 entries, and so on. But obviously, don’t donate more than you’re willing.

Grand Prize –
* Original title card artwork for the AVGN: Lester the Unlikely (framed and signed by myself and Mike)
* 2 shirts worn by AVGN
* Autographed Zelda NES game
* Cinemassacre T-shirt
* Autographed Postcard

1st Prize –
* Woody Woodpecker mask signed by myself and Mike
* Autographed Fester NES game
* Cinemassacre T-shirt
* Autographed Postcard

2nd Prize –
* Autographed Rambo NES game
* Cinemassacre T-shirt
* Autographed Postcard

3rd Prize –
* Cinemassacre T-shirt
* Autographed Postcard

We will ship internationally.

This is my first time trying something like this. We thought it would be a nice idea.

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