AVGN will appear in iphone game “Texting of the Bread”

James / September 27th, 2010


Texting and action combine in Texting of the Bread! Protect the world from the evil Dr. No Good and his never ending horde of zombie gingerbread men. Use your texting skills to annihilate the delicious enemies with your trusty cow and milk gun. Texting of the Bread features hours of level gameplay and a limitless survival mode. Unlock all the games secrets to continue with hours of new crazy fun. Features arcade, freeplay, and survival modes, facebook integration, achievements, and hours of gameplay. 75 regular levels and lots of hidden secrets.”

Play as AVGN in a FREE downloadable update – Coming Soon!

Official site http://textingofthebread.com/

“Get the iPhone/iPod version here! http://bit.ly/baqXFV

ALSO: The AVGN DVD’s have dropped in price in anticipation for the AVGN DVD VOL 4, expecting to be ready this November or December. (depends how soon I finish Monster Madness and the next AVGN episode)


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