Deadly Danger Dungeon Edition by Mystic JoJo

James / May 9th, 2010


In James Rolfe’s Deadly Danger Dungeon, you and up to three friends take the roles of fearless adventurers questing for treasure. To win, get the key and talisman and make it to the exit! You can work together with your friends or fight against them, but in the end there’s only one winner, as the game’s over when someone reaches the exit!


Start: Each player chooses a character, then they roll off with a 6-sided die to determine who goes first. All the players’ character tokens are placed on the Start! space.

Movement: At the beginning of each player’s turn, they roll the 6-sided die, which determines how many spaces they move. They can move in any direction there is a space, including back and forth, but must move a number of spaces equal to the number they rolled.

Traps: If a character ends their movement on a trap space, a number of things may happen. If the character lands on a “Fall!” space, they move to the area indicated by the arrow. If the area is a “GAME OVER!” area, the character is dead and the player must re-start at the “Start!” square, with their HP and Re-Rolls reset to their original values. If the trap square, or the “Land!” square they have landed on has “-1 HP” upon it, they lose 1 HP. If a character reaches 0 HP, they have died and must re-start as before.

Potion: If the character lands on the potion square, they re-gain up to 2 HP. They will never have more than their maximum HP.

Blocked Spaces: Spaces which are a color other than gray are blocked, and require some action to open. For the red space, the character must hit the switch. For the Black space, they must obtain a key, and for the gold space, they must get the talisman. Each character must perform the action needed to get through the space, and the character must hit the switch each time they need to pass through the red square, though this may not be the case for the other squares. Dead characters keep any keys or talismans they have collected and not used to open their respective spaces.

Avoid: Characters may attempt to avoid trap spaces they have landed on. To do so, they roll the 6-sided die and if the number is within their “avoid” range, they do not take damage. In the case of traps leading to “GAME OVER!” areas, a successful avoid roll allows you to move one space to the left or right of the trap.

Attacking: Once per turn, when a character occupies the same space as another character, the character whose turn it is may choose to attack one other character on the same space. When they do this, they may choose to either take one of the enemy’s hit points, which will raise their own hit points but not above their starting HP, or push the other character one space in any direction. If a character is pushed this way into a trap, they may choose to attempt to avoid the trap.

Re-roll: Each character may choose to re-roll a number of times equal to the number listed for that character. You may choose to force any die to re-roll, be it a movement roll, an avoid roll, or so on, for any character.

Special Ability: Each character has a special ability described in their section. They may use their special ability whenever it is applicable.

The Characters:


An adventurer at heart, Red has tried time and again to capture the sacred talisman from Deadly Danger Dungeon. With his balance of agility, hardiness, and luck, he just might do it–with your help!

HP: 6

Avoid: 4-6

Re-Rolls: 3

Special Ability: Lucky Sixes–If Red rolls a 6 on his movement die and does not get a game over, he may immediately take another turn.


Red’s constant companion and sometimes rival, Blue has seen more than his share of traps. After being pummelled by them so many times, he’s gotten quite a thick skin and can take a hit better than any of the other adventurers!

HP: 8

Avoid: 5-6

Re-Rolls: 2

Special Ability: Push Away–If Blue takes damage, he may choose to immediately move 1 space in any direction.


Green hasn’t been through the dungeon as often as Red or Blue, but he’s spent lots of time studying the traps, and is very adept at dodging them. Will his deft fingers be the ones that take the treasure?

HP: 4

Avoid: 3-6

Re-Rolls: 3

Special Ability: 3-Point Landing–Green does not take HP damage from landing.


Yellow fucking hates red. Every time there’s been an adventure, Red’s first and Yellow never gets to go. But he’ll get his. Someday, when Red’s not looking, BAM! Into a pit goes that crimson fucker, and Yellow will claim his rightful position as the new Red.

HP: 5

Avoid: 4-6

Re-Rolls: 5

Special Ability: Psychopath–If Yellow bumps another character into a Game Over square, he gains an additional Re-roll.


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