Deadly Danger Dungeon – SCANNED

James / May 5th, 2010

I finally got around to scanning the board game Deadly Danger Dungeon as seen on the Board James episode. I had to scan it in pieces and reassemble it in photoshop, so please excuse the choppiness. Not to mention, I made this game as a child. It’s far from perfect.


Print it out if you can make it large enough. Play it. Make flash games about it. Whatever. Have fun.


You’re a hapless stick figure who had the bad luck of stepping into a hole. But this is no ordinary hole. It leads to Deadly Danger Dungeon. No one has EVER escaped!

DICE / GAME PIECES – Use one die. Two Dice if you want it to be Deadly Danger Dungeon Turbo. I don’t know if it’ll make it any easier. 1 or more players. Be creative with your game pieces. You can use coins, mario toys, rabbit turds, whatever works.

HIT POINTS (HP) – Start with 3 Hit Points. You can raise the amount depending on how difficult you want it to be. If you land on a space with a trap (Examples: Falling a short distance, getting hit by boulders, arrows) you will lose one Hit Point. If you land on a space with a potion, add 2 hit points. NOTHING can save you from landing on a space which says “Game Over”. (Examples: falling into spike pits, crocodile pits, volcanic fires, or high drops.)

GAMEPLAY – Begin at the START point. Start by by moving right. You can choose to be an asshole and not tell your friends. If they go left, they will eventually find out that they need the Key. (You can’t pass the space near the top that says “Need Key” without the key)

Get the KEY first, then get the MAGIC TALISMAN. Then go for the final climb, to the exit at the upper right corner. (You can’t pass the space that says “Need Talisman” without the Magic Talisman.)

Door 1 leads to Door 2 and vise versa. Door 3 leads to Door 4.

At the bottom left, there’s a pit. Fall in there and you’re screwed. You have to move to the right and touch the “BORDER” before you can go left and climb your way back out. Trust me, it sucks.

And that should be all there is to it. Experiment with it and change the rules as you like. If anyone can actually beat it, then congratulations!

Oh and by the way, NEW BOARD JAMES – TUESDAY, MAY 11

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