Fan games… Cameo… Founder of LJN passes away…

James / May 3rd, 2010


Lord Gavin, (creator of the AVGN: Game Over games, found on the Fan Games section), has now created a game of Deadly Danger Dungeon. Check it out on his site. See the Board James episode it was inspired from here. Eventually, one day, I promise I’ll at least try to get the actual board game onto my scanner so you can possibly print it out and play it.

“Super Mario Brothers Crossover”. This is a flash game created by Exploding Rabbit that isn’t related to AVGN or anything I created at all, but it’s pretty badass! Check it out! It’s all the rave right now.


Well, it’s actually more like a supporting role. I play a villain in the series Metal Gear Ben. Episode 8 went live recently and features a big part of mine. I was in Episode 2 quite a bit as well. It’s fun being evil!

On a sadder note…


You can read the article here. A lot of us are familiar with LJN because of their historically crappy video games. Thanks for all the laughs. AVGN owes very much to you.

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