Full House locations

Mike Matei / April 5th, 2010

It had to happen. I was in San Francisco the past week, so I had to get these pictures of the Full House locations. You might remember the video last year in Chicago, of the Family Matters house, with good friends.

This first pic is from Alamo Square. The houses in the background are seen in some of the intros, but none of them are THE actual Full House house. Either way, those houses are pretty famous.

By total coincidence, I flipped on the TV in my hotel room, and saw the same houses in “The Room”, a really shitty movie that I’ve heard so much about. It just so happened that Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim was running it as an April Fool’s joke complete with Space Ghost interviews/bumpers! And I caught it by chance! I decided to sit down and watch the whole movie. My god. It was BAD! Well, back to Full House.

And now, several blocks away, the actual Tanner home right behind me. That house looks pretty full.

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