Plan 9

Mike Matei / March 16th, 2010

I got an acting gig coming up. Check this out.

A remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space is being made by Darkstone Entertainment. Crazy, right? Simply titled “Plan 9” it will take a serious approach, what Ed Wood was originally trying to do. The camp value of the original could never be intentionally duplicated, so this one is going in a completely different direction. For one thing, the aliens will resurrect more than 3 zombies.

I will be playing the role of the policeman which was played by Conrad Brooks in the original. Conrad is involved in the remake as well. That’ll be fun! They’ve already shot a teaser. So you can give it a watch and keep up with the details at

Plan 9 Teaser Trailer from Darkstone Entertainment on Vimeo.

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