Donations for Chile

Mike Matei / March 10th, 2010

I received these links via email. They are for donations to help with the earthquake situation in Chile. The least I can do is spread the word, so help out if you can. To the Chile fans reading, since I saw the news on the TV a week and a half ago, you have my best wishes.



Alice in Wonderland

I saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie in Imax and 3D. Sorry, a video review is not on my agenda right now.

Knowing it was a “sequel” beforehand, I had neutral expectations. Still, it didn’t do much for me. Obviously, there was a lot of work spent on the visual effects, but in comparison to everything else out there, it wasn’t anything special. Not even the 3D effects impressed me very much. Maybe I was sitting too close to the screen. The story was weak, even though I had an open mind, being that it was a sequel.

The last act became a fantasy action film. I did not expect that, but it was the most entertaining part of the film. Too bad the story was not strong enough to do without a big action sequence. I mentioned before that I was curious about Christopher Lee as the voice of the Jabberwocky. He spoke no more than 10 words. That’s it. They spend the whole movie talking about the Jabberwocky and that it needs to be slain, but we never see it until the end or ever see the magnitude of the threat it poses.

It wasn’t horrible. It was just very average. It can definitely be enjoyed for what it’s worth and I’m sure it’s great for children. (although there is a decapitation of a large scary monster.)

I give it a 5/10.

Coming soon

MOVIE #300
It’s only been 2 years since my 200th video “Cinemassacre 200” but now I’m already up to 300. That only counts whatever I officially numbered in my filmography and since so many of them are movie/game reviews and not actual short “films”, the count hardly matters to me as much as it used to. There is a personal film which I’m planning to make which acknowledges the 300 mark, but it’s more like a narrative. I hope I can film it soon, but it definitely won’t make it in time for “300”.

The actual 300 mark will be a 3 Part video of my Top 30 Favorite Films. Before that, there will be one more Spike video which will probably be released any time now. It’s a good one.

I filmed the next 3 Board James episodes back to back, since they feature a certain motherfucker in them. The editing is underway and I hope the first one will be done soon.

There’s one last video for this term on GT, however it’s going to be more like a “look back” and not a review. The plan is to take a month off (April) and come back in May refreshed with a minimum of 1 episode a month. I look forward to having more time to make the next episode. It will be great.


AVGN fan game

This is Gavin MacLean’s sequel to AVGN: Game Over with music by Frederic Krassowka

Here’s the link to the download page for the game (will include download links to all the other chapters as they are released): (this is chapter 1)

Also, here’s the links to some video pages with previews and downloads for some of the music in the game:

1)Song Name: “Green Moon”

2)Song Name: “Dungeon Depths”

3)Song Name: “Wyvern’s Passage”

4)Song Name: “Perishing Flames”

Again, here’s the link to Gavin’s webpage:

James’ favorites