My Top 10 Videos of 2009

James / January 26th, 2010

These are the videos I made last year which I’m most proud of. Just my personal selection, looking back. Feel free to tell me your own favorites.

10. AVGN: The Terminator
Of all the AVGN videos last year, it’s hard to pick the best. I think this one turned out pretty well and is basic Nerd.

9. You Know What’s Bullshit (Christmas in January)
“What a glutton of a holiday!”

8. Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: The Giant Claw
Cranking out 31 short horror movie reviews in October has become a tradition. Of all the ones last year, I think I’d pick the Giant Claw. It’s the perfect example of a movie that’s “so bad it’s good.”

7. Top 10 Dumbest Indiana Jones Moments
My favorite Top 10 of the year, but mostly because of it’s information value. Most people seem to forget what Indiana Jones was all about: a tribute to the classic adventure serials, the good ol’ days when you’d check your brain at the door, sit down and watch a movie.

6. Star Wars (Original trilogy review)
At first, I had no clue how what I could say about Star Wars that hasn’t already been said, but then I got to the root of it, and I think it worked out great. Like Indy, everyone seems to think Star Wars was such an original concept. This tells the foundation that spawned the legacy.

5. AVGN: Godzilla
The part that makes the video special for me is when the Nerd plays the newer Godzilla games and wishes he had them in his youth. My favorite AVGN moments are when I can use my facial expressions, without having to talk.

4. The History of SMDC2K
I didn’t get to spend as much time on it as I wished, but it was the first animated video I’ve done in a while. It expresses a side of my humor that doesn’t get a chance often.

3. AVGN: Crazy Castle
I worked on it from February to August, the longest time ever spent on a single Nerd episode and the closest that comes to my true passion of making movies.

2. BOARD JAMES: Weapons and Warriors
Board James was a fresh change of pace last year, and while I’m excited to do many more episodes, I’ll always look back at this one as being hard to top.

1. A Trip to Sleepy Hollow
Of all the difficult videos last year, this one was my personal escape. It felt leisurely, as if the video just made itself.


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