The Alternate History Of Mario – Old class project (2002)

Mike Matei / January 15th, 2010

Here’s something some of you may find interesting which pre-dates the first Nerd video. Back in college in 2002, Mike Matei had a project where he was supposed to come up with an alternate history for someone in the entertainment field. Mike chose “Mario Segali” who was Shigeru Miyamoto’s landlord at the time he created Donkey Kong. As history recalls, Miyamoto named Mario after his landlord. And this video is supposed to depict Mario Segali as he would be today. A Bitter old man (who has turned to alcohol) because he wasn’t given royalties for one of the biggest mascots of all time. And of course, Mario Segali is played by James Rolfe.

Trivia: Can you pick out a line used later in AVGN Episode #46 The Wizard and Super Mario Bros. 3 ?

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