Answering some questions

Mike Matei / January 1st, 2010

Hey, a lot of times, I get interview requests. I’ve been so busy keeping up with all the new videos, whenever I get an email about interviews, I save them in an inbox folder. I look forward to one day having the time to dig in and answer back to some of them.

The following questions are taken from numerous emails I’ve gotten.

When is the next episode of You Know What’s Bullshit?

I don’t know yet. I already filmed generic on-screen bits wearing the bullshit mask which I think is hilarious, so I would like to see newer episodes come to fruition. Whenever I get time to breathe and get a good burst of inspiration.

What are the next plans for Board James?

I’m looking forward to making new episodes with genuine enthusiasm. I have a pile of board games, many of them donated, so I have many options and many requests. The support for Board James has been great, and I’d love to do more. Motherfucker Mike will return from time to time.

Monster Madness this year?

Hopefully. It’s so much work. Last year, I couldn’t even believe I got through it all. I really love doing those because it reminds me of the old movie marathons that sparked my interest in monster movies and hope it does the same to others. There’s plenty of interesting movies out there to talk about.

Thoughts on Ghostbusters 3?

I receive links to the IMDB page all the time! Well, I don’t know what took so long, but I’m glad the movie is getting made, even if it sucks. It’s just going to be a blast of nostalgia to see the 4 Ghostbusters on the screen again. I don’t like the idea of including younger Ghostbusters. It seems like they’re trying to keep it hip and modern and that the popularity of Ghostbusters is being underestimated. I don’t know. It could work. Ask me again when there’s a trailer.

Have you ever studied game programming or tried programming a game?

No, but I messed about with GWbasic programming when I was very young. Using an old crappy IBM computer, I made a Godzilla RPG game. It sucked. So there you have it. I made my own shitty game. Also, there was a progam called Donkey, a real simplistic game made by Bill Gates, I believe. You control a car on a roadway, dodging donkeys. Though it was more fun to hit them. The coding was in GWbasic, so I used to mess with it and change the graphics to try and include more blood and guts. It didn’t work out too well, but I had some fun with it.

Are there any games you’re looking for?

Not really. I have enough to work with, but I appreciate all the donations and kind gestures. As always, you can breeze through my collection here. There’s only a few NES games left, but they’re ridiculously rare and expensive. (such as Hot Slots, Peekaboo Poker, and Bubble Bath Babes) I’m working on my Atari 2600 collection, maybe try to get all the SNES, Genesis games. It’ll always be an ongoing thing.

In your Nintendo Power episode you talked about how disgusting the advertisements were and was wondering if you could reveal the ad you stapled in Volume 82.

I’m not opening that thing. It’s the most foul and disgusting thing ever conceived. You can keep it a mystery and let your imagination take over. Or, if you want to know the anti-climactic answer, you can turn on your temporary dyslexia and read this. (.da lianeot eht tsuj s’tI)

How do you pick which game gets to be reviewed?

I always have a list, based off past experience with the games, or ones that I’ve recently discovered. I pick the ones I think will make the best videos.

Once in a blue moon, you review a good game (SMB3 or Battletoads). How do you decide to review one and is there any particular reason why you wanna review them?

If there’s a new angle or a new spin I can put on a popular game, I’ll do it. It’s nice for me to play some good games here and there, and there’s always something to say that I don’t think has been said before. I discovered the true evil behind SMB3. (So good it’s a sin.)

Aside from E.T., what other review requests are popular? There’s Big Rigs, but that game isn’t even ten years old. WIll you make this an exception?

Action 52 is a huge request also. Big Rigs is the most recent game I’ve considered to review, because it’s so hilariously bad. I don’t have a PC to run it. I own the game itself and tried to run it on my Mac using Parallels and installing Windows on it. It didn’t work out, and even if it did, I don’t know how to record it. I’m a console man.

Out of all the AVGN reviews you’ve done, which ones do you think you’re most proud of? There’s some popular ones, like the Bugs Bunny ones, and that SMB3 video, but which ones were personally your most proud achievments?

I liked the SMB3 video for it’s battle with Jesus against Satan. How epic is that? The video that I spent the most time on was Crazy Castle. I got crapped on, a pie thrown in my face, nearly destroyed my whole room, got knocked half-unconscious for real. That was my biggest production of all! However, the game which I think got the best/most frustrated review was Dick Tracy. Or possibly Ghostbusters. Also, I can’t forget TMNT, which was the early days (the lazy era). I could’ve done much better for it, but regardless it’s considered by everyone as a classic AVGN (or ANN).

Are there any systems you still do NOT own?

I don’t own some of the obscure Pong consoles. Also, I don’t have the original Sega SG-1000. There’s an endless amount of obscure gaming consoles out there, but I have all the basic stuff.

Will you review any of the newer (bad) Sonic the Hedgehog games?

The last Sonic games I played were Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic CD. Those were great. The only ones I can think of that are remotely bad are maybe Sonic Spinball and Sonic 3D Blast. Actually, I played Sonic Rush on Nintendo DS and thought it was pretty good. So, when it comes to BAD Sonic games, I don’t think I played any.

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