Avatar: movie thoughts

Mike Matei / December 29th, 2009

I finally saw Avatar and it was as amazing as expected. I’m crammed working on Nerd videos all the time, so my text will have to suffice. It’s a shame the two best movies I saw this year (District 9 and Avatar) get no video review, but I couldn’t do them justice anyway.

Simply put, Avatar is an epic. For it’s 2 & a half hour run time, I sat mesmerized, until my eyes watered and I realized I wasn’t blinking. By the time it was over, I had a headache as a result of overstimulation. Now I feel like I need to wind down and watch something like Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero to feel normal again.

Avatar is a spectacle film, with a lot of action and visuals. The story is simple and the anti-war message is very obvious. But in the long run, you get a compelling movie out of it that gains momentum all the way into its final act.

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