Angry Video Game Nerd DVD – Volume 3

Mike Matei / December 15th, 2009

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The DVD includes:

* All the episodes from 2008. (from Zelda Timeline to Bible Games 2)
No movie review of The Wizard. The Mario 3 game review is there in its full glory, except for The Wizard portion. As done on the previous DVDs, we are omitting any copyrighted movie footage. I decided it was better to leave that part out, than to try and patch it together with stills and illustrations, making a second-rate hack job out of it.

* 3 of the episodes have been updated with some additional content. Ill let them be surprises.

* Bonus features: Fan Art, Fan Songs, Nerd Room Tour 2009, Outtakes, Top 10 Nerd Moments 2008.

* Total running time from all 3 discs (including videos and bonus content) is approximately 5 hours, 40 minutes. Thats a lot of videos!

* Just like the last 2 volumes, the image is clear, way better than seeing them online.

* Bible Games 2 was the only Nerd video shot on HD, as an experiment. However, this is a standard DVD. Not Blu-Ray. (The price would have probably been frightening.) Though you wont notice much benefit from the image sharpness, its the only video in 16:9 widescreen. I played it on my PS3 and it filled the TV nicely.

* Region free, ships internationally.

*Price is $23.98

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