Next week – AVGN

Mike Matei / July 16th, 2009

I was expecting the new Nerd video to go up Tuesday or Wednesday night, but I hear it’s been scheduled for next week. So don’t worry. Technically, there’s two Nerd videos a month. There’s 5 wednesdays in July, so this does not throw the schedule off, in fact it helps me when I have an extra week. Also, the next video happens to be 20 minutes long which might make it the longest single video since the first Bible Games. And the video AFTER THAT is going to be crazy, so the Nerd is definitely in full gear right now.

The Head Incident – Trailer

In August 1999, I finished a shitty horror movie. I spent a year on it. At the time, it was the most work I put into a single movie. The running time was 57 minutes, which is that uncomfortable time where it’s not long enough to be a feature, and too long to be a “short”. Now that it approaches its 10 year anniversary, I’ve been thinking about posting it, but first I need to digitize the source tapes, do some minor restoration work, and consider cutting it down, or breaking it into parts. Until I decide what to do, here’s the trailer. Unlike the original movie which was edited on two VCR’s, the trailer was edited nonlinear in 2003.

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