Nintendo press conference

Mike Matei / June 2nd, 2009

Been very busy. This is probably the “blogiest” thing I’ve posted in a while, but there hasn’t been anything on the site in about a week, so why not. I’m at the E3 gaming expo right now. This is my third year being invited here, and it’s always pretty interesting. I’m sitting in Nintendo’s press conference right now, but it feels more like a night club. Neon lights and loud music fill the air. I had a long flight and haven’t slept much, so I’m just staring in a zombified state, taking in the sights and sounds.

As everybody knows I’ve been a long time Nintendo fan, but since the launch of the Wii, my interest has declined. After getting a new Zelda/Mario fix, I think Nintendo’s went downhill. Last year’s press conference was visually stunning as always, but the games/peripherals announced were extremely disappointing. Well, there goes some flashy lights. the show is starting.

Ooh, crazy multi-screen Mario montage going on. I know where this is heading.

“NEW SUPER MARIO BROS” for Wii – Classic sidescrolling style, like the DS game. 4 players simultaneously. Looks okay. I’ll try to check it out and play it on the showroom floor. If the challenge and fun is there, this may be the best new direction to take the Mario franchise.

Now they’re bragging about Wii Fit. Think I just fell asleep.

WII MOTION PLUS. Crazy montage of people performing with their Wiimotes. Not even sure what this is yet. Live demonstration going on now. Playing “Wii Sports Resort”. Sky diving scenario. Using wii mote to control dude falling from sky. Yeah, that’s about it. Now there’s archery, the bow string is being held back by the Wii nunchuck. I have yet to try these, but I feel the novelty has worn off.

Haha, I just noticed the teleprompter just said “more witty banter”.

Other games are being announced that utilize the Wii Motion Plus technology Red Steel 2. The only question is how much different does this feel than the regular Wiimote movements?

“MARIO AND LUIGI – Bowser’s Inside Story” for DS. Bowser’s just swallowed Mario and Luigi. Inside him happens to be a crazy platforming adventure world full of monsters. Looks alright I guess, nothing special.

MORE DS games announced – “Golden Sun” – Looks like cool RPG game. Very short demo. “Women’s Murder Club” – don’t know about this one. “Cop the Recruit” – Described as gritter, more urban. Actually looks okay. Sort of Grand Theft Auto meets Snatcher style film noir maybe. Just not as awesome.
“Style Savvy” – haha, some fashion game. Girly music starts up. The house lights just went pink! Oh my fucking God. Find this on YouTube or something for a good laugh.

“Mario Vs. Donkey Kong” – extremely short demo.
LEGEND OF ZELDA: SPIRIT TRACKS for DS. I’ll play it later on the showroom floor. They didn’t show anything from it.

Another new 3D Mario title demo starts up. Audience applause for the first time on cue. “SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2”. Looks like it’ll live up to the last one. If you need another big Mario fix, this is gonna be it.

Other games announced. “The Conduit” , “Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles”, “Dead Space: Extraction”, but best of all…

NEW METROID. Short demo. Looks epic. Huge applause. I haven’t kept up with the latest 3D Metroid games, but it looks in that line.

No Miyamoto. Where’s he at?

Anyway, it’s real cool to be here as always, even though I don’t seem overly impressed. It was better than last year’s lineup. That’s my observation of this event, in case anybody’s interested.

New Nerd video soon.

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