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Mike Matei / March 20th, 2009

This was done by DC comics artist, Freddie Williams II. Kick ass!

AVGN Chris Holland music

You know those cool electric guitar songs heard in many of the AVGN episodes, like Superman, Batman, Star Trek, and all that? They’re now available for download on Chris Holland’s site. Check it out and go to his “sounds” page for the music.


With so many AVGN games being made, I get more requests all the time to lend my voice, but I must say to all developers, I’m sorry I can’t help any longer. Aside from ones I’ve already done, I can’t keep doing them or else I have no time to work on videos. I’m flattered, I wish you all luck in your careers, but I don’t have time. You can see the different AVGN games here.

But here’s a new FPS one, and they’d like some help from the fans:

Hello, My Name Is Theo Herold & I Work For Block Roads Entertainment (blockroads.webs.com) We are currently 5 people + Gavin MacLean, The Creator Of AVGN: Game Over, working on an AVGN Video Game Called: “The Angry Video Game Nerd’s Random Rampage” The Game Will Be A First Person shooter and it will be developed for almost every PC that uses Windows Vista.

Now We Have a BIG Question for you: If you have any music or Artwork that you would like to hear in the game, please send it to us. Our Email is: Levyrimies@Yahoo.se. The music and Artwork you send will be most likely used in our game, it depends on how many songs and artwork we get. You will get all the credit for the song(s) & Artwork.

Thanks to everybody who works on this project, Thanks to Gavin MacLean for beeing awesome and helping us, Thanks To James ”The Nerd” Rolfe for being Block Roads Entertainment’s Biggest Idol & Thanks to Anybody who tried/tries to help in any way!

-Block Roads Entertainment (Blockroads.webs.com)

AVGN music help

I was planning to post some of the newer theme song covers, but it takes a lot of time out of my day, so I was wondering if someone has a simpler way I can post these.

I want to be able to upload them to a music flash player, sort of like myspace. I’ve tried some different sites, but have had no luck.

So what can I do to showcase all the fan songs in a nice way, and make it easier also?

I’m sure you all know my contact by now, James@cinemassacre.com. I bet I’ll get swamped now, but thanks in advance for the suggestions/help.

Alien Invaders collage by Dylan

This is the first time I got some kind of fan art related to one of my movie reviews. I wasn’t sure where to show it, but I thought it was pretty cool.

See the videos here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Coming this Wednesday, the epic conclusion to the Jaguar video.

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