My NES wish list

Mike Matei / January 30th, 2009

Donations. What an unexpected, but great thing.

I work real hard on the videos and all I hope for, in return, is that somebody out there watches and enjoys them. But even better, the fans are always sending me games. I get asked all the time if there’s anything I’m looking for in particular. So for the first time, I’m making a public list. I’ve been focusing on my NES collection lately and right now I own more than 3/4 of the entire NES library which is quite an accomplishment!

Here’s a list of all the remaining NES games I need to complete my collection. If you have any of them that you’d want to donate, please send an email to:

Bonk’s Adventure
Bubble Bath Babes

Flintstones 2 Surprise at Dinosaur Peak
Hot Slot

Little Samson
Nintendo World Championship
Peek-A-Boo Poker
Racermate 2
Stadium Events

PAL NES games (Europe only)

Mr. Gimmick

James’ favorites